Ron Howard to Explore the Afterlife for J.J. Abrams

Ron Howard to Explore the Afterlife for J.J. Abrams

Jan 17, 2013

Israel has been giving Hollywood remake fuel for a few years, both on the big screen (The Debt) and the small (Homeland), but this may be the tiny nation's highest-profile remake export yet: Ron Howard is reportedly directing a remake of an obscure 2003 Israeli made-for-TV movie with a title that translates to All I've Got.

That alone doesn't sound mighty impressive, but it's sure to outdo the movie-of-the-week nature of the original film considering Paramount and Bad Robot are backing the project. Plus, Vulture's description of the story makes it easy to see how the premise will lend itself to a studio movie high on spectacle:

A fantasy-thriller about a young, very-much-in-love man and woman who get into a freak car accident in which the man is killed. Though the woman moves on and marries another man with whom she has three children, her own death 50 years later only opens more doors. In the afterlife, she is given the choice of forgetting the memory of her life after the accident and becoming young again to be with her first love, or choosing to remain as she is and waiting for her second husband’s death.

Sounds kind of like What Dreams May Come, only a tad more optimistic. Whatever the tone winds up being, it's definitely an intriguing setup for a movie, no?


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