Ricky Gervais Says He Won't Host Golden Globes Again; Working on Live Webcast Idea Instead

Ricky Gervais Says He Won't Host Golden Globes Again; Working on Live Webcast Idea Instead

Oct 04, 2011

When Ricky Gervais nonchalantly mentioned an idea about doing a live podcast during this year's Golden Globes where he and his friends (Larry David and John Stewart were mentioned, among others) would comment on the ceremony as it happened, fans naturally flipped a lid. Nothing like that had ever been attempted before, let alone from a former Golden Globes host, and so it was almost like a dream come true for folks who want a different (albeit hilarious) experience when they watch this year's ceremony. But was Gervais just blowing smoke in our faces and talking out of his ass, or was he actually planning on doing this live podcast for real?

According to a piece he wrote for The Wall Street Journal, it seems the man is indeed working on the live podcast idea, adding that he can't host the Golden Globes again because a) the HFPA probably hate him for the jokes he made about them, and b) he's working with a Californian tech company on this live webcast idea.

Here's what he had to say regarding the Globes and this new live commentary idea ...

"I don’t think I should host the Golden Globes again, even if I’m asked and that is very unlikely, to be honest. NBC would like me to host again as they really loved my performance and they liked the growing ratings even more. Unfortunately, I think I may have burned my bridges with the Hollywood Foreign Press. I think it was something I said. Maybe it was the talk of bribery and corruption? [EDITOR'S NOTE: The HFPA has called such allegations "completely without merit."] Maybe it was the fact that I introduced their president by saying that I’d “just helped him off the toilet and popped his teeth in”? I don’t know, but it’s their party and they should be able to invite who they want.

I genuinely believe that too.

But because of the greatest thing about our society, freedom of speech, I can still host the Golden Globes, or any event on the planet. I am working with a Californian technology company on a live webcast idea. People watch their TV at the same time as listening to me and a few chums provide our own alternative commentary. This is not to steal anyone’s thunder, or disrupt pleasant society. It’s simply a new horizon. And for its own sake. I have no idea if it will work but I didn’t know if podcasting would work back in 2005 when I launched “The Ricky Gervais Show.” I didn’t particularly care either. I was doing it for a laugh. There are not many better reasons to do anything."

Which would you rather see? Gervais host again, or this live webcast idea instead?

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