'Red Dawn' Remake Trailer: America Is Under Attack in First Teaser

'Red Dawn' Remake Trailer: America Is Under Attack in First Teaser

Aug 03, 2012

If it feels like we’ve been talking about the Red Dawn remake for forever, it’s because we have. Dan Bradley’s updating of the 1984 cult classic was announced in 2008 and scheduled for a 2010 release. When MGM got into serious financial trouble, it was taken off the calendar while the company sorted out its money woes. Then a 2011 release was delayed when the studio decided to reshoot parts of the film in order to change the villains from the Chinese Army to the North Koreans. With all that finally squared away, we’re now on course for a November release. To help get you all in the Red Dawn mood, is a first look at the completed film from Entertainment Tonight.

Chris Hemsworth, Connor Cruise and Josh Hutcherson headline the remake, which finds the North Korean army somehow invading America. With part of the country under enemy control, this ragtag group of young adults decides to fight back and restore democracy.

The brief clip looks pretty similar to the original, only augmented with CGI (the plane crash looks a little dodgy…). The North Koreans as villains is also a bit of a tough sell, but movies are all about the willing suspension of disbelief, so maybe audiences will be okay with it. Even if they had kept the Chinese as the invading force, the film was unlikely to have the same resonance of the original, which played heavily on our Cold War concerns and fears of the Soviet Union.

All those points aside, we’re still interested in finally seeing this updated version of the film. Catch Red Dawn in theaters on November 21. 

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