New 'Red 2' Poster Debuts; Is This Series Better Than 'The Expendables'?

New 'Red 2' Poster Debuts; Is This Series Better Than 'The Expendables'?

Aug 22, 2012

John Malkovich in RedThis brand new poster for Red 2 was originally spotted at Cannes a while back, but now we’ve got a better quality picture to share.

It looks like the retired CIA agents are up to their old tricks in this new teaser poster, which features the team doing that Reservoir Dogs-esque walk toward the camera in front of a fiery red-and-orange sky. The plot synopsis finds them traveling across Europe to take on a new threat.

The original stars (Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, etc.) will be joined by Anthony Hopkins, Neal McDonough and Byung-hun Lee. Filmmaker Daniel Parisot will handle the directorial duties.

Seeing all of these “older” stars in an action film reminds us of The Expendables – and we’re wondering which one of these series you like better. While neither franchise has turned in a truly great entry so far, I personally find The Expendables more fun – if only because it feeds my sense of nostalgia for ‘80s action films. I can understand making a case for Red, though – that cast is certainly more impressive from a pure acting standpoint. I’d watch Mirren and Malkovich in almost anything.

Check out the official poster below and let us know which series is more to your liking. Are you a Stallone and Schwarzenegger fan or do you prefer watching Mirren and Malkovich ply their trade in a film that’s way beneath their considerable talents?


Red 2 teaser poster

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