Quantum of Solace, Indy 5 & bikini-clad crime solvers

Quantum of Solace, Indy 5 & bikini-clad crime solvers

Oct 07, 2008

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    Quantum of Solace

    Spoiler Alert The fate of Agent Fields gives new meaning to the term "oil crisis."
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    Indiana Jones 5

    Harrison Ford and George Lucas You Do the Math Harrison Ford says George Lucas is working up ideas for another installment. The last one took nearly 20 years to come together. Ford is 66 years old. This can only mean a complete handoff to Shia LaBeouf. Now if there’s only a way to get Lucas off the project.
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    Captain America

    Back to the Future They decided to stick with the World War II-era plot. Comic book geeks speculate that he’ll have to be frozen at the end, so he can be thawed out for a present-day appearance in the upcoming Avengers flick. Wouldn’t want to be the superhero who has to explain cell phones and Facebook to this guy.
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    The Un-Dead

    Raising the Dead Bram Stoker’s great-grandnephew cobbled together some of the late author’s old Dracula notes and called it a book. Then he sold the movie rights. I’m sure if it’s successful he’ll miraculously find yet another set of notes, hidden away in the attic or something.
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    Yogi Bear

    Boo-Boo? No, Just Boooooo! A live-action adaptation with a CGI bear. Really. Doesn’t this seem like some crappy movie they’d pitch to Vince on Entourage?
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    Let the Right One In

    Let the Right One In Love Sucks The poor kid in this Swedish trailer meets a girl he really likes, but she has one little flaw that’s sorta hard to overlook: She’s a vampire.
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    The Uninvited

    A.K.A. The Undressed Why is it that, in the trailer, the two girls seem to be wearing bikinis whenever they discover a secret about their dad’s girlfriend? Don’t get me wrong – if wearing a bikini helps you solve a crime, I’m all for it. Unless you’re Sherlock Holmes.
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    Paul Blart: Mall Cop

    Criminally Unfunny The trailer reveals a startling scientific discovery: A movie even more annoying than Mallrats.
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    Dead Snow

    Pop Quiz What’s scarier than being trapped in the snow with a bunch of zombies? Being trapped in the snow with a bunch of Nazi zombies.
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    Under Siege 3

    Steven Seagal Misunderstood Genius Steven Seagal wants to do another sequel. This time it’d be about a government cover-up of extra-terrestrials. You know, like X-Files, only with slow-mo kung fu.

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