Posters/Trailers: 'Young Adult', 'The Big Year', and 'Vamps'

Posters/Trailers: 'Young Adult', 'The Big Year', and 'Vamps'

Sep 07, 2011

It’s a little quiet on the movie news front, but don’t fret – we’ve got a trailer for the upcoming comedy The Big Year, and new posters for Amy Heckerling's Vamps and Jason Reitman’s Young Adult. Read on for all the details.

First up, we’ve got a new trailer for The Big Year. Starring Steve Martin, Owen Wilson, and Jack Black, we can’t help but think of this flick as the male-centered comedy version of Eat, Pray, Love – merged with The Bucket List. Martin and company play three men frustrated with their lives who need to go on a big adventure to get things back on track. Hilarity ensues. Martin is still a genuine comedic talent and we’d watch pretty much anything he’s in, but it’s hard to shake the feeling that Jack Black has become typecast at this point. It’s difficult to tell if he’s actually acting or just shows up on the set each morning and walks through scenes playing himself. It’s starting to seem more like the latter than the former. Wilson, meanwhile, gets lost in the trailer – which is probably easy to do when you’re working alongside a legend like Martin and a notorious scenery chewer like Black.

The clip showcases a film a that doesn’t do anything we haven’t seen before, but there are a few minor laughs in it. Of course, the opening trailer intro by the stars of the film threatens to kill the whole thing before it ever gets started. Those things are rarely funny, and this one is no exception.

The Big Year waltzes into theaters on October 14th.

Amy Heckerling and Alicia Silverstone teamed up way back in 1995, and the result was Clueless – one of the better teen comedies of the decade. Silverstone seemed destined for stardom after appearing as the film’s main character, but after a string of disappointing features (including a turn as Batgirl in Batman and Robin), she basically disappeared – relegated to the purgatory of TV movies and the occasional guest starring role on a series. Perhaps reuniting with Heckerling can jump start her career…

Silverstone is starring in Heckerling’s latest, Vamps – a vampire comedy-drama that finds the actress and her best friend (Krysten Ritter) as new members of the undead. The duo does everything they can to avoid drinking blood while enjoying the New York nightlife. MTV has debuted the film's first poster, which certainly has a bit of a Rocky Horror vibe happening in it. 

We’d be pretty skeptical about Vamps if not for the fact Heckerling was directing. While she hasn’t made a great film since Clueless, her resume does include that title and Fast Times at Ridgemont High – two movies that managed to really capture their particular era. Maybe she can do that again with this film – or at the very least, give us an alternate take on something like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We’ll find out for sure at some point in 2012.

Poster for Amy Heckerling's Vamps

Finally, here’s the first look at the poster for Young Adult – the new feature from Jason Reitman. The film, which finds Charlize Theron playing an alcoholic writer of young-adult fiction who decides to go home and pursue her high school sweetheart (Patrick Wilson), was written by Diablo Cody. While doing this, Theron learns Wilson's character is happily married and she also reconnects with another high school classmate played by Patton Oswalt.

The film certainly isn’t lacking in star power, and the fact that it re-teams Reitman and writer Diablo Cody (who brought us Juno) certainly has everyone expecting great things. It’s way too early to even guess how the final film might turn out, but we dig the poster – which plays up the YA author thing by looking like one of the book covers you’d find in the Kid Lit section at Borders, if Borders hadn’t gone bankrupt.

Early buzz is that Young Adult is darker than Juno, but we suspect that fans will still wind up liking it. The film is set to open in limited release on December 2nd, and then have its wide opening the following weekend. 

Poster for Young Adult

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