Poll: Which 'Die Hard' Characters Need to Return to the Franchise?

Poll: Which 'Die Hard' Characters Need to Return to the Franchise?

Aug 08, 2012

Die Hard 5 Bruce Willis and Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Don’t look now, but it appears as though A Good Day to Die Hard is turning into a family affair.

The fifth installment in the wildly popular Die Hard franchise is currently shooting in Budapest. That makes sense since the plot revolves around Willis and his son getting into trouble while in Russia (kidding) – but what has everyone buzzing is a recent set photo showing Mary Elizabeth Winstead driving around. Does this mean Lucy McClane is going to be involved in the plot as well? Add that to rumors that Bonnie Bedelia’s Holly McClane will return and it’s like the McClane family reunion is happening in this film.

While no one is certain as to how involved Winstead is with the film’s plot (this could be little more than a cameo), it got us thinking – what other classic Die Hard characters would you like to see return in a new film? Select from one of our choices below (or if you’ve got a better one, share it in the comment section) and maybe someone from the production will make our dreams come true.

As for my vote? I’m going with Argyle from the original Die Hard. De’voreaux White’s character got stuck in the limo for the entirety of the film (where he could jam out to some Stevie Wonder and Run-D.M.C.), but he comes through at the climax. What’s Argyle up to these days? Is he still driving a limo? Inquiring minds want to know.


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