Watch the First 'Pixels' Trailer: Adam Sandler Wants to Kill Beloved Video Game Characters

Watch the First 'Pixels' Trailer: Adam Sandler Wants to Kill Beloved Video Game Characters

Mar 18, 2015


Even if you didn't grow up in the 1980s, the first trailer for Pixels is bound to stir nostalgic memories of all the great video games from the first generation of joystick madness.

How is that possible? Well, Pac-Man and Donkey Kong quickly became hugely iconic characters, and the games in which they starred were highly influential on the games that followed, inspiring dozens of imitators and hooking just about everybody who played them, whether in an arcade or at home on the new-fangled cartridge game systems. That influence has only grown over the years, even as video games have been increasingly complex and the graphics have developed tremendous and realistic beauty.

Back in 2012, Disney's Wreck-It Ralph played off that fond nostalgia with an empathetic look at classic video game characters who had been pushed into early retirement. Now Pixels comes along to challenge the notion that these icons were ever actually heroic.

As the trailer explains, NASA sent a time capsule into space in 1982, filled with indicators of mankind's life and culture. The idea was to send a friendly message in hopes of meeting other life forms. Unfortunately, some things don't translate well, and mankind's positive message got garbled into a threat by an alien race, inspiring them to send an attack force to wipe out the Earth, an attack force of … video game characters.

Yup, that's where Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Michelle Monaghan, Peter Dinklage, and Josh Gad enter the picture. They are all classic arcade game buffs who are enlisted by the President to battle the aliens and save the planet, 8 pixels at a time.

Chris Columbus, who wrote and/or directed a batch of great comedies, like Goonies and Mrs. Doubtfire, directed. The first trailer features riffs on a bunch of familiar blockbusters like Independence Day, Ghostbusters, and The Italian Job, along with a cameo appearance by a video game creator, himself an icon. Then get ready to rumble with Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and many more in theaters on July 24.


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