8 Great…Love Triangles

Jul 01, 2010 Comments

With the release of Eclipse, the third in the Twilight trilogy, viewers will finally get the answer to at least one burning question: who will win the heart, once and for all, of the curiously crabby Bella (Kristin Stewart)? On the one hand, there’s her would-be soulmate Edward (Robert Pattinson), the pasty, pale, tortured teen vampire with crimson lips; on the other, we have underdog Jacob (Taylor Lautner), the hyper-muscled, overly tanned, occasionally raging werewolf who’s unconditionally devoted to Bella. There’s nothing like a love triangle -- whether two guys vying for one girl, an ex suddenly back on the scene ruffling feathers or any number of other third-party complications -- to amp up an otherwise straightforward romantic drama and drive a couple together…or further apart. Bella and Edward or Bella and Jacob? We’ll soon see. Meanwhile, here are eight more great movie threesomes.

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