New Line's 'San Andreas: 3D' Gears up to Shake the Movie World

New Line's 'San Andreas: 3D' Gears up to Shake the Movie World

Dec 02, 2011

Image from 2012 movie

They say there’s no such thing as “earthquake weather,” but yesterday’s gale force winds in southern California could certainly seem like a precursor to something ominous – let’s just hope they’re heralding the arrival of San Andreas: 3D and not a real life killer quake.

The film, which is being developed by New Line, is another in a long line of disaster-based epics like 2012. Veteran writer Allen Loeb has been hired to pen the script, which will focus on a man trying to reconcile with his estranged wife and children in the wake of a massive quake along the San Andreas fault line. Reportedly, the trembler is so massive that the effects extend to Vegas and beyond, making the main character’s trek from SoCal to San Francisco quite daunting.

Loeb has no previous disaster film experience, but he did write the script for the long-delayed Escape From New York remake. While the story in San Andreas: 3D doesn’t sound much different from countless other disaster flicks in recent years, but thanks to advances in effects technology and our inherent love of watching people overcome gigantic obstacles, these films continue to do big business. 2012, for example, earned over $750 million dollars worldwide. Will San Andreas reach the same lofty financial heights? Only time will tell.

[via The LA Times]

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