The New Film from the Director of 'Rubber' Finds a Perfect Home

The New Film from the Director of 'Rubber' Finds a Perfect Home

Aug 08, 2012


Quentin Dupieux already had a legion of fans before his breakout film was ever seen by a single person. Of course, those fans knew him by his stage name Mr. Oizo, but now that the French musician has branched off into filmmaking, his fanbase is sure to just keep growing. His last film, Rubber, became a great word-of-mouth hit in 2010; no shock considering how hard it is to actually not talk about a movie starring a sentient tire who uses his psychic powers to kill humans.

His new film, Wrong, is bound to do the same now that it's been picked up for a U.S. release, and given Dupieux's track record and the warm reception at its Sundance world premiere earlier this year, we can't imagine a greater home than Drafthouse Films. Here's what the Drafthouse mastermind Tim League had to say of the film: "Wrong's demented universe is a perfect fit for our brand of artfully unusual films, and Quentin proves once again that he is one of contemporary cinema's true fearless visionaries who refuses to play by the rules."

As for what the film's about, it concerns a man (Jack Plotnick) on a spiritual journey to find his missing dog, which unites him with an "enigmatic ponytailed guru Master Chang" played by William Fichtner, an "eccentric pet detective" played by Eastbound and Down's Steve Little, and a "promiscuous pizza delivery girl" played by Alexis Dziena.

Drafthouse Films has not cut a trailer for the film's early 2013 release yet, but there is this teaser from Sundance to tide Rubber fans over. And if you're also a Mr. Oizo fan, the distributor has already made two of his songs from the soundtrack available to download for free, so give those a listen as well.

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