MSNBC Profiles 'Medora,' Our Favorite 2013 SXSW Documentary

MSNBC Profiles 'Medora,' Our Favorite 2013 SXSW Documentary

Mar 14, 2013

One of the things we like to do when attending film festivals is weed through all the countless titles in order to find those that truly leave us wanting to champion the hell out of them in an effort to help these small movies find a much wider audience. For me, this year's SXSW Film Festival brought a tiny little sports documentary called Medora to my attention, and it quickly shot to the top of my recommendation list. The doc, about a small-town high school basketball team who can't win a game in a state defined by its basketball, felt so much bigger than it was originally made out to be. Not only was it about this team of young kids who were desperately trying to win one measly game, but it was also about their town and its people trying to overcome economic hardships and the personal (and professional) losses that go along with it.

That said, here's me trying to get you to pay more attention to Medora, which to my knowledge doesn't have distribution yet. With no official trailer online, you can learn more about the movie by watching this interesting profile from MSNBC.

And here's a bonus video from Fox News:

From my review, Why 'Medora' Might Be This Year's Best Sports Documentary: "As we follow each member of the Medora Hornets, many of whom come from broken families struggling with addiction and poverty, you begin to realize just how important organized sports is for not only these kids, but for an entire town. And then you realize how one win -- one small, meaningless win -- can impact the rest of someone's life. It's powerful stuff, and while Medora is chock-full of humorous Bad News Bears-esque moments, the documentary is also a true tearjerker because these people are all of us. They're our neighbors, our cousins, our friends. And like you, they're just trying to earn their way past defeat.

"Medora is a documentary about how being a loser actually makes you a better winner, and its message is one we desperately need to spread right now. Not just to our kids, but to their parents. Not just to people attending a film festival, but to anyone who watches movies, period."

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