Movie News: See 'Suicide Squad' Lined Up (Photo); Vin Diesel Suggests an 'Iron Giant' Sequel

Movie News: See 'Suicide Squad' Lined Up (Photo); Vin Diesel Suggests an 'Iron Giant' Sequel

Aug 31, 2015

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad: Director David Ayer shared a photo of the cast and crew of Suicide Squad on the final day of shooting. Will Smith, Margot Robbie, and Jared Leto lead the ensemble cast in the movie, which follows a reluctant team of superpowered characters on what may be their final mission. It's heading for release on August 5, 2016. [Twitter via THR]


The Iron Giant

The Iron Giant: Vin Diesel suggests that a sequel to The Iron Giant may be in the offing. Via social media, the actor said that voicing the character in Brad Bird's animated adventure was one of "his favorites," then added: "Don't be surprised when you hear WB announce the sequel." By "WB," he was referring to Warner Bros. which did indeed release the 1999 original, but has not revealed any plans for a sequel. The original movie will, however, see a limited re-release in theaters next month. [Facebook via Collider]


Melinda and Melinda

Woody Allen's Next: Steve Carell will step in for Bruce Willis in Woody Allen's next movie. Willis left the project last week, officially due to schedule complications with rehearsals for the actor's starring role in the upcoming Broadway stage production of Misery. Carell previousy worked with Allen on Melinda and Melinda in 2004 (above, with Will Ferrell); he'll join a cast that includes Kristen Stewart, Jesse Eisenberg, Blake Lively, and Parker Posey. [Deadline]



Goosebumps Trailer: Monsters both big and small are accidentally unleashed in a new trailer for Goosebumps, starring Jack Black as a fictional version of real-life horror author R.L. Stine. After the author and his daughter (Odeya Rush) move into a new house, next door neighbor Dylan Minnette and his friend Ryan Lee stumble into their library and, before you know it, family-friendly chaos reigns. The movie opens in theaters on October 16. [Movieclips]

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