Movie News: Rebooted Batman May Debut in 'Justice League;' 'Beverly Hills Cop' TV Show; NFL Wants a Movie

Movie News: Rebooted Batman May Debut in 'Justice League;' 'Beverly Hills Cop' TV Show; NFL Wants a Movie

Aug 29, 2012

Justice League of America

Batman: Count this as a rumor for now, but Batman may be rebooted in the proposed Justice League movie, rather than a stand-alone project. Reportedly, Batman would still get his own movie, but it wouldn’t come until after the retooled character appears first in the Justice League team-up, which is slated tentatively for 2015. With the Superman reboot Man of Steel set for next year, that would leave Warner Bros. without a superhero movie for 2014. [Batman on Film]

Beverly Hills Cop TV Show: As previously rumored, Eddie Murphy is moving forward with a Beverly Hills Cop TV show, teaming with The Shield creator Shawn Ryan and Sony Pictures Television on a small-screen effort that, according to Murphy's original pitch, will primarily center on Axel Foley's (Murphy) son, with the original Foley popping up in a handful of episodes as Detroit's chief of police. Vulture says it will be "an hour-long crime procedural with strong comedic elements." [Vulture]

Natalie Portman: A new movie starring Natalie Portman has secured financing, with Lynne Ramsay (We Need to Talk About Kevin) set to direct. Jane’s Got a Gun is a Western that revolves around a woman who must turn to a former lover for help after her outlaw husband is marked for death by a renegade gang. Michael Fassbender is in talks to play Portman’s ex-lover. [The Hollywood Reporter / Vulture]

NFL: Are you ready for some football? With the NFL season getting underway one week from today, the league is shopping a family-friendly fictional feature titled Week 14, which would follow a multitude of stories that unfold during the final three weeks of the regular season. Sports expert Ron Shelton (Bull Durham, White Man Can’t Jump, Tin Cup) has written the script and Tony Krantz (24) will direct. [Showblitz]

Chinese Zodiac Trailer: Though it doesn’t yet have a U.S. distribution deal, Jackie Chan’s next movie, Chinese Zodiac, is heading to theaters in Asia and other parts of the world in December, and a look at the thrilling teaser trailer below makes us want to see it in IMAX as soon as possible. [Twitch]

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