Movie News: James Gunn Confirms R-rated 'Scooby-Doo'; 'The Book of Life' Sequel on Its Way

Movie News: James Gunn Confirms R-rated 'Scooby-Doo'; 'The Book of Life' Sequel on Its Way

Jun 16, 2017


Scooby-Doo: James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy) wrote the script for Scooby-Doo: The Movie, which was released 15 years ago, and in a social media post, he fondly recalled the experience. He also says: "Yes, the rumors are true - the first cut was rated R by the MPAA, and the female stars' cleavage was CGI'd away so as not to offend." He noted that the original rating was prompted by a misunderstood line of dialogue: "It was never planned to be R." [Facebook


The Book of Life

The Book of Life: A sequel to the lively adventure The Book of Life (above) is on its way. The original featured a young man who must face his greatest fears while journeying to three different, fantastic worlds. Director Jorge R. Gutierrez will once again helm the project. He says: "In a weird way, [it] is a continuation of the story with everybody you love from the first movie." [Variety]



Sorry to Bother You: Tessa Thompson (Creed, above), Lakeith Stanfield (Get Out) and Steven Yeun (TV's The Walking Dead) will star in Sorry to Bother You. The drama revolves around a telemarketer who "discovers a magical key" that leads to success at a corporate job, only to be confronted with a macabre secret hidden by the corporation. Boots Riley will direct. [Deadline]


The Ornithologist

The Ornithologist Trailer: In the trailer for the beguiling and very odd The Ornithologist, the titular character is swept away by river rapids while searching for black storks. He is helped by Chinese pilgrims, but then is left stranded in a dark and eerie forest. The movie will open in select theaters on June 23. [Movieclips]

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