Movie News: First Look at Daniel Radcliffe in 'Imperium'; Wesley Snipes Hints at More 'Blade'

Movie News: First Look at Daniel Radcliffe in 'Imperium'; Wesley Snipes Hints at More 'Blade'

Sep 23, 2015


Imperium: Our first look at Daniel Radcliffe in Imperium reveals a shaved head and an unhappy look on the face of the actor. He portrays an FBI agent who goes undercover to investigate white supremacist terrorists who want to obtain a dirty bomb. The film starts production in Virginia this week. []


Blade: Trinity

Blade: Wesley Snipes, who starred in three movies as the superhero Blade, says that he's had good conversations with Marvel about the character: "They see the value in it. … I'm still in shape enough and fit enough to handle the role. We'll see how it goes." Snipes last played the character in 2004's Blade: Trinity (above), with Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel co-starring. [The Huffington Post]



Shin Gojira: The next Godzilla movie from Japan will feature the biggest titular creature yet. Shin Gojira, as it is titled in Japan, is expected to have a leading monster who will be taller than the one in 2014's Godzilla (above). The story will take place in a modern-day Japan that is attacked, and the United States is somehow involved. Production is already underway; the movie is aiming for release in the summer of 2016. [Gormaru Island via Bloody Disgusting]



Meadowland Trailer: The first trailer for Meadowland creates an atmosphere of doom and gloom that centers on Olivia Wilde, without revealing her role. The movie explores what happens to two people after they suffer an imaginable loss. Luke Wilson, Giovanni Ribisi, John Leguizamo, Juno Temple, and Elisabeth Moss also star; the movie opens in theaters on October 16. [Movieclips]

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