Movie News in 60 Seconds: Oscar Isaac, Folk Singer; Woody Allen Will Fiddle; Chris Tucker Needs Money

Movie News in 60 Seconds: Oscar Isaac, Folk Singer; Woody Allen Will Fiddle; Chris Tucker Needs Money

Oct 14, 2011

Oscar Isaac in Sucker Punch

The Next Folk Music Movie Star: Oscar Isaac is the Coen Brothers' choice to star in their next movie, Inside Llewyn Davis, set in the 1960s folk music scene. He's pictured above in Sucker Punch; I imagine he'll look a mite different as a folk singer. (Deadline)
What's in a Title? For only the second time in his directorial career, Woody Allen is changing the title of his movie. The Bop Decameron, which is "more of an out-and-out comedy," will now be known as Nero Fiddled. It's due out next year. (Thompson on Hollywood)
Money Money Money: No matter how much money you make, it's never enough, is it? Chris Tucker, who signed a two-picture deal in 2005 for $40 million, may lose his $6 million home in Florida, on which he still owes $4.4 million. The basement is designed "like a pirate ship with a wooden deck, mast and sail." (Orlando Sentinel; The Hollywood Reporter)
Why You Shouldn't Attend Birthday Parties for Strangers, Even If They're Paying Good Money: Hilary Swank, who says she had no idea Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov was accused of human rights violations when she attended his birthday bash earlier this month, has apologized for attending and will donate the fees she received for attending to charity. (The Hollywood Reporter)
End of an Era: The Rocket Video store in Los Angeles closed recently, prompting its longtime manager to assess the cultural significance of what the city has lost. Beyond, that is, regular customer Faye Dunaway and yelling, “Quick, I need Reservoir Dogs right now! I’m double parked on La Brea!” (Zocalo Public Square)
Off the Market: Streaming service Hulu, previously offered for sale by its corporate owners, has taken itself off the market. Why? One industry analyst says it was Netflix; another says it was "a shift in strategic perspective." (The Hot Blog; The Wrap)
Foreign Language Contenders: The "official, final" list of 63 films submitted for consideration as Best Foreign Language Film has been released. You probably haven't seen any of them -- yet. (indieWIRE)
Do You Know the Way, Korea? The Busan International Film Festival concludes today. One writer believes it provides "a glimpse of where South Korea's movie industry is headed." Hint: big budgets, 3D conversions, and dramas on modern Korean society. (Wall Street Journal)

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