Movie News: 'Gremlins 3' Buzz Heats Up; Watch Leonardo DiCaprio in 'The Revenant' TV Spot

Movie News: 'Gremlins 3' Buzz Heats Up; Watch Leonardo DiCaprio in 'The Revenant' TV Spot

Nov 30, 2015



Gremlins 3: Over the years, we've heard rumors that a new version of Joe Dante's Gremlins might be on its way. Recently, Zach Galligan, who starred in the 1984 original (above) and the 1990 sequel, Gremlins: The New Batch, said: "It’s not going to be a reboot. It will not be a remake in any way, shape, or form….the only thing they will be -- and apparently are going to be -- doing is something along the lines of like Jurassic World, where it will be 30 years later." The actor does not know if his character will be featured in the new movie. [Games Radar]


Ron Howard

The Girl Before: Ron Howard will direct a big-screen adaptation of a novel that hasn't been published yet. The Girl Before, written by J.P. Delaney, is scheduled to be published in the fall of 2016; it's described as a thriller about a "traumatized woman" who falls in love with a man and the "extraordinary minimalist house" he designed. Then she learns of another "damaged woman" who died at the house in the past and wonders what fate awaits her. Howard's In the Heart of the Sea opens in theaters on December 11. [Deadline]


Toy Story

Toy Story 4: We already knew that Tom Hanks would be starring in Toy Story 4, which has been described as a love story between Woody, the character Hanks voices, and Bo Peep. Even though the movie's theatrical release has been delayed until June 15, 2018, Hanks is already recording his lines. In a recent television appearance, he talked about the challenges of recording his dialogue, and the difficulty for children to recognize that he is the voice of the beloved Woody. [Vulture]


The Revenant

The Revenant TV Spot: Leonardo DiCaprio stars in The Revenant as a wilderness explorer who's been left for dead by members of his hunting team. A new extended television spot emphasizes the challenges that await him. Tom Hardy also stars; the movie opens wide in theaters on January 8. [20th Century Fox]

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