Movie News: 'Enchanted' Sequel Is Finally So Close; Guillermo Del Toro Goes Small For Next Movie

Movie News: 'Enchanted' Sequel Is Finally So Close; Guillermo Del Toro Goes Small For Next Movie

Sep 30, 2015

Enchanted 2: Talk about something being "So Close." Disney is finally moving forward with a follow-up to the 2007 live-action/animation hybrid Enchanted. Anne Fletcher (Hot Pursuit) will direct the sequel, which will be titled Disenchanted. No word yet on whether original star Amy Adams will be back or if it will involve any of the same characters or targets of studio self-parody. [Collider]


Guillermo del Toro: While his latest, Crimson Peak, is about to hit theaters with great acclaim, Guillermo del Toro has revealed that he'll follow it with "a small, independently financed movie that he is keeping under tight wraps." Those tracking all of the filmmaker's potential projects believe it's a "Wall-E meets Splash" idea he was recently rumored to be working on. As for Pacific Rim II, Universal officially removed the sequel from its release calendar. [/Film]


The Circle: We literally watched Ellar Coltrane grow up in Boyhood, and now we may literally see him grow into a legitimate movie star. The actor has finally found a follow-up to his award-winning breakout, and it's a big deal. He'll co-star with Tom Hanks, John Boyega and Emma Watson in the James Ponsoldt-helmed The Circle, playing Watson's ex-boyfriend, a guy rebeling against the imposing tech company she works for. [THR]


Love SFW Trailer: If you've heard anything about Gaspar Noe's sexy new 3D film (or seen the risque posters), you may be surprised they managed to release a Safe-For-Work trailer for the provocative Cannes hit. But here it is, courtesy of Vice, and it's still plenty tantalizing. If you're more interested in an NSFW version, that's been available online for months right here





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