'Moonrise Kingdom' Viral Clip Adds More of the Film's Best Character

'Moonrise Kingdom' Viral Clip Adds More of the Film's Best Character

Jun 19, 2012

If you've already seen Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom, then you'll probably agree that Jason Schwartzman's troop leader character steals every scene he's in. Sure, Edward Norton's character is meticulous and somewhat militant in his boy scout leadership, but Schwartzman just ups the ante considerably and you walk away wanting to watch an entire film starring just that character. As such, it's a great thing Anderson has returned to that world (and to Jason Schwartzman) for this hilarious Funny or Die viral video featuring the characters from Moonrise Kingdom settling down for a screening of Moonrise Kingdom inside a scout tent. 

Directed by Anderson, the movie-within-the-movie approach is such a fun, unique, Anderson-y way to promote Moonrise Kingdom as it expands to more theaters throughout the month. We're not sure whether he's filmed more of these viral videos featuring the characters of the film watching their film, but if he did, we'll certainly post them.

Between this and the little animated segment he released recently, it's clear Anderson has upped his game in terms of promotion this time around. It's also nice to see him so hands-on, directing all these little viral videos himself. 

Watch both the latest viral video and Anderson's animated book short below.


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