Mondo Poster Premiere: 'The Babadook' Is Waiting for You, Plus: More MondoCon Exclusives

Mondo Poster Premiere: 'The Babadook' Is Waiting for You, Plus: More MondoCon Exclusives

Sep 16, 2014

The Babadook hasn't even hit theaters yet, but having caught it during its film-festival run, we can already safely declare that it will unquestionably go down as one of the creepiest horror movies of 2014. It's about a single mother trying to deal with her young son's obsession with a mysterious figure that he says is invading their home. It's a gorgeously shot, tremendously well-acted movie that's bound to get under your skin in one way or another.

And speaking of getting under your skin, it is our sincere pleasure to debut artist Gary Pullin's Mondo poster for Jennifer Kent's The Babadook. This will be on sale exclusively at MondoCon in Austin, Texas this coming weekend, where you will also be able to meet Pullin (he's in booth B9) and shake his hand for making such a bold, creepy poster for such a bold, creepy movie. And since The Babadook is also playing Fantastic Fest in Austin, you'll be able to see the movie, too. That's a pretty convenient double dose of horror.

The Babadook
Artist: Gary Pullin
24" x 36"
Edition of 125

And here's a quote from Pullin explaining his process behind this stunning poster:

"The Babadook is more than just a a story about a boogeyman in a pop-up book. It's a disturbing psychological thriller with nods to Polanski's Repulsion, The Innocents and perhaps even John Carpenter's Halloween when you view it as a film about an unstoppable presence that's always drenched in shadow. The less we see, the scarier The Babadook becomes. Essie Davis' performance as Amelia is incredibly intense as she spirals into madness. The knife becomes Amelia's form of defense at some point and it also reflects the psychological meltdown we see her go through. And since we only see the Babadook in shadow or in deep darkness, it felt only natural to have him peeking from behind the blade. 

The Babadook just may be the scariest movie to come out of Australia and it is the most engaging horror film I've seen in quite some time. Writer and director Jennifer Kent has crafted an unforgettable new monster. Have a night light handy after viewing, you're going to need it."

In other Mondo news, today it unveiled info about three movie scores that it'll be releasing on vinyl for the first time ever: Shaun of the Dead, the original score for 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Looper. All three will be on sale at MondoCon, with any remaining copies of 2001 and Looper being available online starting September 23. You will have to wait until October 7, 2014 for a shot at Shaun of the Dead online, however.

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