Inspired by 'Legally Blonde,' This 22-Year-Old Diva is Running for New York State Senate

Inspired by 'Legally Blonde,' This 22-Year-Old Diva is Running for New York State Senate

Jul 25, 2012

In the kind of story you only see coming out of New York, a 22-year-old Orthodox Jewish woman named Mindy Meyer has decided to run for New York State Senate. She's young, sure, but that's not the story. The story is that this self-proclaimed diva is using the Reese Witherspoon movie Legally Blonde as inspiration for a political campaign that's all about pink, glitter and taglines like, "I'm Senator and I Know It," a riff on the LMFAO song "I'm Sexy and I Know It." The website even chirps out the song, minus the lyrics, when you visit its homepage.

Her website, which features lots of pink and leopard print among images of Mindy out in the community and cosplaying as Katniss from The Hunger Games, details Mindy's stance on several critical issues, like poverty, unemployment, stop and frisk, crime and more.

For example, under "Poverty & Unemployment," Mindy uses Hunger Games references to get her point across. "No more Hunger Games in our District! Mindy believes that summer youth employment programs should be restored to receive the full funding that they had received in the past. In doing so, this will provide jobs during the summer months for teens and young adults who would be at home or in the streets doing nothing substantial otherwise. This will help them develop their resumes and job skills for the future. Mindy feels that career fairs and unemployment seminars should be more transparent and implemented throughout our district."

Mindy is currently a law student from Brooklyn, and she'll be running as a Republican. In the video below courtesy of the New York Post, Mindy talks about how all the pink was directly inspired by Witherspoon's Elle Woods from the movie because if she "can bring pink to Harvard, why can't I bring it to the Senate?"

As per a news story we caught last night, incumbent Democratic Sen. Kevin Parker is taking Mindy seriously. We look forward to seeing  whether, like the movie, this story also has a happy ending. 


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