Michael Bay Enlists John Krasinski for His Benghazi Drama '13 Hours'

Michael Bay Enlists John Krasinski for His Benghazi Drama '13 Hours'

Jan 15, 2015

When you first think of Michael Bay, the words "political drama" probably don't enter your mind. In fact, in a word cloud of keywords associated with Michael Bay movies, "political" and "drama" would be tiny, tiny specks of digital ink next to mass, bolded words like "explosions," "cars" and "Megan Fox." But the CGI heavy hitter is turning his back on clanging robots, at least for one movie.

13 Hours will be a dramatic retelling of the infamous September 11, 2012 attack on two United States installations in Benghazi, Libya. And now Bay has found his leading man for the movie, and it's none other than The Office star John Krasinski.

Krasinski will be playing a Navy SEAL, which leads us to believe that maybe this will actually be more of a standard Michael Bay movie than expected. If he's gearing things around the SEAL side of the event, it'll certainly be more action oriented than it would have been if it were around the intelligence community's analysis of what happened, or even if it were just about the unfortunate men and women that were trapped inside the CIA annex when it all happened. 

The movie will be an adaptation of the book Thirteen Hours: A Firsthand Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi, written by Mitchell Zuckoff. That also makes this the first time Bay is turning a book into a movie. Considering his last non-Transformers movie, Pain & Gain, was adapted from a magazine article, it looks like the bombastic director may be turning away from the toy aisles and toward bookshelves for inspiration. Who saw that coming? 





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