Meet the Movie You Won't Be Able to Watch Until 100 Years from Now

Meet the Movie You Won't Be Able to Watch Until 100 Years from Now

Nov 19, 2015

There are jokes to be made about anticipating a movie that won't come out till, say, 2020, because with so much to consume at the current moment, why waste time on a film you won't be able to watch for another five years? 

Well, what about a film you won't be able to watch for another 100 years? How do we anticipate that, exactly?

In one of the more unique short film tie-ins that we've ever seen for a product, filmmaker Robert Rodriguez (Sin City) teamed up with actor John Malkovich on a short film for the fancy schmancy Louis XIII Cognac, which is aged 100 years. So the bottles you find right now originated in 1915, and the bottles they're cookin' up in 2015 won't be opened till the year 2115.

To honor this tradition, Louis XIII Cognac got Rodriguez and Malkovich to make a short film called 100 Years that won't be screened until the year 2115. The two also created three separate teasers for the short -- all of which envision the cognac being unveiled in different versions of the future -- although none of the teasers feature footage from the actual film.

Watch them below, via io9.


What's the film about then?

They're not saying. Rodriguez teased that it was set in the present and is "emotionally charged." In the teasers, Malkovich is seen alongside actress Shuya Chang, who we imagine is also in the short. 

So how does one see this film? 

That's the thing -- you can't. Well, someone can, just not you. You won't be around in 100 years from now, and neither will the film's creators and stars. To make sure it gets seen, though, Louis XIII Cognac sent tickets to 1,000 influential people and asked them to hand the tickets down to their descendants. The idea is that in 100 years, the folks who still have tickets will meet up with the folks from Louis XIII Cognac -- who will be busy unveiling cognac that originated in 2015 -- and everyone will have a big 'ol screening party.

Actress Jaime King posted a pic of her ticket for the event 100 years from now, promising to pass it down. 


Will the screening actually happen? Who knows. Will the world still exist 100 years from now? Who knows! 

But for now, you can watch this featurette to learn more about it. See ya in 100 years!


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