Marvel Rumored to Be Prepping Five New Shows for Cable and VOD

Marvel Rumored to Be Prepping Five New Shows for Cable and VOD

Oct 15, 2013

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Marvel is continuing its quest to become king of all media, it seems -- the company already controls a big chunk of the comic industry, is hard at work on phases two and three of its film strategy, and has infiltrated TV with the debut of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. But now rumors are circulating that the company is hard at work prepping to launch a massive new batch of episodic content for cable and VOD services. 
Deadline reports that Marvel is crafting several new shows based on its properties that will be offered to places like Netflix as one massive 60-episode package. The new content will reportedly be made up of four series (presumably 13 episodes each) and one miniseries (eight episodes). This is a lot of content, but Marvel has a built-in audience that is all but guaranteed to tune in.
What those viewers would be tuning in for remains a mystery. Marvel isn't saying a peep about the story at this point, and we have zero clue what properties would make up the various series. The rumored-to-be-in-development Agent Carter spin-off could be one of the titles, but pretty much anything is possible at this point. One thing is clear, though -- if Marvel does move ahead with this plan, it gives the company a foothold in one more medium -- and keeps it at least a bit ahead of its competitors over at DC and Warner Bros. It's also enticing to see what it does when not confined to writing for network television. 
Which Marvel properties would you want to see in this format? I'm voting for Deadpool, if only because I don't know that the Marvel folks will ever get a feature film version up and running without ruining it in the process. Plus, it seems like they could get away with more in this format, which is a key to getting Deadpool right. Let us know what Marvel heroes you'd want to see on the small screen in the comment section below.




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