Marvel News Round-Up: DC Crossovers, Taika Waititi's 'Thor' Role, Captain Marvel's Design and More

Marvel News Round-Up: DC Crossovers, Taika Waititi's 'Thor' Role, Captain Marvel's Design and More

Apr 18, 2017

Marvel's Cool with People Crossing Over to DC

Marvel Comics and DC Comics have long had a rivalry. They are competing business enterprises, after all. But that rivalry has always been more rabid among the fans than the companies themselves. For decades people loved to pit the comics against each other, and now they're doing it with the movies as well. But does that animosity exist between Marvel Studios and Warner Bros.? 

Not really, at least according to Kevin Feige. The Marvel Studios honcho confirmed they don't force their actors into contracts that stipulate what other superhero projects they can and cannot take on. That's why they're totally okay with Josh Brolin going from playing Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War to Cable in Deadpool 2

And if you need more evidence of Feige's support of their key talent crossing the aisle, he told THR that Joss Whedon called them months ago as a courtesy to say he was taking a job writing and directing Batgirl for Warner Bros., and they were nothing but supportive, saying "We want to see a Joss Whedon Batgirl film be awesome."


Marvel Has a Different Take on The Success of R-Rated Movies

Fox has had a lot of success taking their Marvel properties and turning them into R-rated movies. Naturally this has lead a ton of fans to wonder when Disney and Marvel Studios may go R-rated. It's no surprise to learn they're keeping things PG-13, but the reason why is particularly noteworthy.

Feige doesn't see the R-rating as the reason Fox's recent movies have been big hits. Rather he thinks it's because they're taking creative risks. Deadpool breaks the fourth wall and talks to the audience. Logan ends a series. Those are the kinds of things that engage audiences more than just some blood and f-bombs. So if anything, maybe expect Marvel Studios to start taking some more of those kind of risks in the future.


Taika Waititi Has a Role In Thor: Ragnarok

Mainstream audiences have yet to discover Taika Waititi is a remarkable director. Movies like What We Do In The Shadows and Hunt For The Wilderpeople just weren't big box office smashes. Thor: Ragnarok is guaranteed to give him the spotlight, though. But it won't just be behind-the-camera. Waititi is also in the movie.

Unfortunately, audiences won't actually see Waititi in it, however, as his character was created using motion capture. He'll be playing Korg, a giant stone alien who Thor becomes friends with while waiting to fight in the Grandmaster's Contest of Champions. And it's not just a random, throwaway cameo, either, like another of Korg's kind was in Thor: The Dark World (above). Reactions to the footage Marvel showed to press all emphasized how funny Korg is and how Waititi's natural accent still comes through.


Captain Marvel's Design Is Well Underway



Marvel Studios has yet to hire a director for their Captain Marvel movie, but that doesn't mean they're not working on it. Design work has already begun on the movie, which includes concept art for Brie Larson's look. Unfortunately we don't have any of that to share, but Vanity Fair has a pretty detailed breakdown of what it looked like and how it relates to her various comic costumes.


Black Panther Opens a New Side of the MCU

Vulture has what is perhaps the most enthusiastic response to the footage and concept art that Marvel Studios co-president Louis D'Esposito showed press. Specifically, the world of Wakanda seems like it's going to be wildly different from the other locales of the MCU. It'll be filled with wondrous technology that exists harmoniously with nature and apparently, some of the best costume work the MCU has yet to produce.


Spider-Man Doesn't Have a Long-Term Future in the MCU

Lastly we end with a bit of a bummer, albeit an inevitable one: Spider-Man may not be in the MCU for very long. Kevin Feige confirmed to THR that Sony and Disney only worked out a deal that would cover the character through Avengers: Infinity War and a sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming. But that's it. After that, presuming no new deal is struck (and it was already a bit of a miracle that even this deal was made), Spidey and the MCU will part ways.

But while this may be a bummer for audiences, it's not going to be a shock to the MCU system. Feige obviously wouldn't explain what their plan was for Spidey, but confirmed that this is all a part of a "very particular plan" for the character. So, at the very least, his exit should make sense. Who knows, maybe that'll be one of the lessons that Feige takes from Fox's success with Logan. Maybe the sun will set on Peter Parker and Miles Morales will rise over at Sony in his place.


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