Making Fun of Nicolas Cage Just Isn't Funny Anymore

Making Fun of Nicolas Cage Just Isn't Funny Anymore

Feb 03, 2011

Look, I get it. Nicolas Cage is weird. He wears a number of different unique hairstyles, yells on occasion (sometimes for no reason at all), and he twitches, randomly, while acting. He's an odd dude, and once the internet finally figured this out about ... oh, 6 months ago ... it was funny seeing all the different video mash-ups and hair montages that folks threw together. Look at Nicolas Cage overreacting to something! Look at this clever montage of Nicolas Cage yelling in movies! Look at this flowchart detailing all the weird and fascinating stages of Nicolas Cage's freakdom!

Look at this Nicolas Cage ... okay, shut up. We're done. Newsflash: Making fun of Nicolas Cage isn't funny anymore. I'm not exactly sure when it stopped being funny; whether it was before or after the How to Comb Your Hair Like Nicolas Cage Tutorial, but at some point within the past couple weeks this whole moronic Nicolas Cage obsession took a left turn toward Boringville.

What are we getting out of this, exactly? Is it really still fresh? After 457 Nicolas Cage viral jokes, are we really still laughing? And if we are still laughing, then what does that say about us? We need to get out more? Yes, definitely -- that's a given. But it also says that we're lacking originality in our lives. It's no wonder sequels and reboots are so popular these days -- at some point we became a race of people who are happy watching the same thing over and over and over. We lack creativity, we've lost our sense of humor and all we have left is a YouTube clip of Nicolas Cage saying the word "f*ck" on a loop.

I give up.

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