‘The Hunger Games’ Countdown: The Finnick Frenzy and Fandom's ‘Hunger Games’ Awards

‘The Hunger Games’ Countdown: The Finnick Frenzy and Fandom's ‘Hunger Games’ Awards

Jun 06, 2012

In Hunger Games: Catching Fire news, the District 4 victor, Finnick Odair, is certainly in the spotlight. As expected, now that we’re inching closer to shoot time, casting is underway and as one of the sequel’s most prominent new roles, not to mention a fan favorite, Finnick news and rumors are cropping up all over the place. However, rather than force you to run through blocks of text, check out this handy graphic detailing the Finnick frenzy thus far.


Finnick Graph

Now the big question is, what can we take from all of this? While I’d like to bet every single one of the actors mentioned above is in consideration for the role, being “in consideration” can mean a lot of things from perhaps being director Francis Lawrence’s top choice to merely having your name mentioned during a meeting. However, we did go through a very similar process with Katniss, Peeta, Gale and more last year and, in the end, all of the roles did come down to a name prominent during rumor time. Should Garrett Hedlund, Armie Hammer or one of the others snag the role fairly soon, despite what producer Nina Jacobson told the LA Times, I wouldn’t be surprised, but I’m still pulling for Hammer.

While Catching Fire is starting to eclipse The Hunger Games, the first film definitely dominated this weekend. Not only were some of the biggest Hunger Games stars on hand for the MTV Movie Awards this past Sunday, but many of them took home awards. Elizabeth Banks snagged the Best On-Screen Transformation honor, Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Alexander Ludwig shared the Best Fight golden popcorn, Lawrence was awarded the Best Female Performance honor and Josh Hutcherson hit it big, topping the Best Male Performance category. Four wins is definitely something to be proud of, but I can’t help but be the slightest bit indignant over The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 stealing the Movie of the Year award. Diehard Hunger Games fan or not, one is definitely more deserving than the other. But still, nothing good comes from being bitter, so in an attempt to not be a big baby about the whole thing, job well done, Twilight – but you’re going down next year.

And while we wait for Catching Fire to dominate the MTV Movie Awards 2013, how about some honors straight from the Hunger Games fandom? While there’s no denying the film deserved some of the more serious wins like Best Female Performance and Best Male Performance, we’re taking a cue from MTV’s more unconventional honors and making some of our own.

Best Use of Violence in a PG-13 Film – Perri of Movies.com

Whether you’re a fan of Gary Ross’ shaky cam or not, the technique worked wonders during the Cornucopia massacre, letting the audience feel the chaos of the situation and providing a PG-13 appropriate, but powerful look at the violence. The shooting style came in handy yet again during Katniss’ battle with District 2’s Clove, but really packed a punch when Thresh stepped in.

Even though we don’t see him unleashing his rage, just experiencing the sound effects and aftermath turns out to make the moment even more gut-wrenching. But of all the wicked kills in The Hunger Games, the one that’s stuck with me most, even after multiple views, is when Cato takes one tribute out by snapping the poor kid’s neck. We see the entire thing happen and while that could have been a little too off-putting, it happens so fast that rather than leave you appalled, it’s almost like a wakeup call, reminding you how truly deadly the event is.


Best Burned Food Toss – Crystal of Mockingjay.net

And the award for Best Burned Food Toss goes to ... Peeta Mellark! There are many aspiring bakers out there who know the feeling. You set the timer, then you sit down to watch just a few minutes of your favorite Hunger Games rerun. Before you know it, your bread or muffins or cookies are toast! But while those bakers may be great at shoveling it into a trashcan, nothing says raw baking anger like Peeta in the rain. And the way he lovingly glowered at Katniss - aww!

Best Use of Holistic Medicine – Lee of The Hob

Rue’s use of chewed-up leaves to help Katniss survive tracker jacker stings illustrates the best use of holistic medicine. After knocking the tracker jacker nest out of the tree and onto her fellow Tributes, Katniss gets stung repeatedly and falls to the forest floor. She goes through a period of intense hallucinations before waking up to find plant leaves spread over her hands and arms. We learn that Rue provided this all-natural cure from readily available plants in the arena to help Katniss heal without the benefit of sponsors.

Best Facial Hair Performance – Hamilton of My Hunger Games

In the history of film, has there ever been an example of a beard pulling off such an inspired performance? Seneca Crane's beard may just inspire other mustaches, goatees, and whiskers to follow in its steps and enter show business as a star instead of just a background player. From the moment it showed up on Wes Bentley’s face in the Hunger Games trailer, it was obvious a star had been born and it’s time that is given the recognition it deserves!

Girl and Boy on Fire

Best Use of Fire – Kelsey of My Hunger Games

The award for Best Use of Fire goes to Cinna and Portia, stylists for District 12. Never before has an outlying district awed us in such a drastic way. It was such a refreshing change from the drab and overdone coal miner apparel. To be honest, people rarely remember the coal district, but now the image of the Boy and Girl on Fire will be forever "burned" into our minds!

Best Intimidating Stare Down – Kait of Victor’s Village

This award goes to the team of Katniss Everdeen and President Snow for staring each other down so hard, they almost made us pee ourselves. Very few people can have a full exchange of emotion in a single glance, but as Snow crowned Katniss victor, they did just that. You knew President Snow was out to get Katniss and you knew she was ready to take him on. We could practically hear the blood pumping through our veins!

Best Use of Nightlock – Sheila of HG Girl on Fire

This award goes to President Snow for his brilliant use of Nightlock. When Seneca Crane was escorted by a peacekeeper to a private room and left with a bowl of Nightlock with the understanding that he is to take it in order to execute himself, it was a mind-blowing moment. Watching Seneca's look of shock and resignation was the moment that you really got a sense of President Snow's cruelty and, ironically, his sense of humor.

Best Use of a Lizard - Theresa of Down With The Capitol

This award goes to Clove for her brilliant use of a lizard for target practice. While sitting around the campfire during a quiet moment in the Games, this District 2 Tribute keeps her skills (and her knives) sharp. This was definitely one of the key moments that showed Clove's true character, her ruthlessness and desire to win.

Best Hallucination Simulation - Savanna of The Hunger Games Fireside Chat

This award goes to Gary Ross and everyone else who had a hand in orchestrating the tracker jacker hallucination scene. Going into the film, this was one of the scenes that I was most concerned about, but they totally nailed it! Thanks to brilliant camerawork, editing, and sound design, rather than simply watching Katniss wander around in a daze, the audience actually gets to see what she sees and experience the effects of the venom right alongside her. The visions of Caesar Flickerman and the exploding house (a metaphor for the hole that Mr. Everdeen's death ripped into the family) were unexpected and added to the intensity to the episode. Bravo!

The Hunger Games Countdown runs here on Movies.com every other Wednesday. There are 533 days until the release of Catching Fire.

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