‘Iron Sky’ Trailer Features Nazis on the Moon; Plus: What’s the Next Brit TV Show Heading to the Big Screen?

‘Iron Sky’ Trailer Features Nazis on the Moon; Plus: What’s the Next Brit TV Show Heading to the Big Screen?

Jul 03, 2012

The Inbetweeners

Brit Comedy Fever: Going far afield from the usual suspects, Paramount is looking to import the British TV series The Inbetweeners (above) and adapt it for the big screen (again). The outrageous comedy revolves around a group of prank-playing teens, and has already been adapted for a Brit movie that topped the charts last year (and is due for U.S. release in September). Co-creator Iain Morris has been hired to write and direct the new version for Americans; the original series is also set to air on MTV starting next month. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Put That Back!: In addition to Anchorman 2, Will Ferrell has a number of other projects under development, but one appears to be moving forward. Craig Gillespie is in talks to direct the comedy Flamingo Thief, in which Ferrell would play an attorney “who becomes obsessed with stealing figurines of flamingos after his wife leaves him.” Gillespie previously guided Ryan Gosling to an excellent performance in the off-beat comedy Lars and the Real Girl, so this could be a dynamite combination. [Showblitz]

Family Pairings: Holidays such as Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve have served as inspiration for recent ensemble romantic comedies; now Mother’s Day is furnishing the basis for an independent drama which will ambitiously examine relationships between 12 mothers and daughters. Andie MacDowell and her daughter Rainey Qualley are the newest additions to the cast, joining Susan Sarandon and her daughter Eva Amurri Martino, as well as Christina Ricci. Paul Duddridge wrote the script and is directing. [Deadline]

Nazis on the Moon: The low-budget sci-fi spectacle of Iron Sky must be seen to be believed, according to all reports we’ve heard, and the first trailer certainly  conveys its over-the-top premise in an effectively nutso manner. [IGN]

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