Lifetime Preps New Series Focusing on 'Silence of the Lambs' Character Clarice Starling

Lifetime Preps New Series Focusing on 'Silence of the Lambs' Character Clarice Starling

May 29, 2012

Jodie Foster in Silence of the Lambs

Move over, Hannibal Lecter – it looks like you’ve got company as you adjust to life as a television series.

As NBC prepares to launch their 13-episode series revolving around the relationship between fiction’s most famous cannibal and FBI agent Will Graham, a new story on Friday says that Lecter and Graham aren’t the only Thomas Harris characters getting their own show.

A exclusive indicates that Lecter’s Silence of the Lambs nemesis – special agent Clarice Starling – is also ready to get her own show. The new series, entitled Clarice, is in development at Lifetime.

The new series won’t rehash the events of Silence of the Lambs, but will instead follow Starling in the early days of her career as a young FBI Agent. The series is the latest step in Lifetime’s move to feature more original shows with strong female leading characters. We’d say they picked a pretty great one here.

MGM will produce Clarice. No word yet on who will play the character made famous by Jodie Foster in Silence of the Lambs, but these are some big shoes to fill – the actress won an Oscar for her portrayal, but didn’t reprise the role in Hannibal.

With news of Clarice coming to the small screen alongside Hannibal and potentially The Exorcist, it seems like Hollywood is suddenly in love with the idea of taking popular films and characters and moving them to the smaller screen. What other famous films or characters would you want to see as a weekly episodic series? Share your picks with us in the comment section.

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