“Oh No They Didn’t!” 10 Controversial Kids in Movies

“Oh No They Didn’t!” 10 Controversial Kids in Movies

Aug 02, 2010

They drink, they smoke, they do drugs, they have sex, and sometimes they even kill people. And that's just by age 15.

Actor: Chloe Moretz
Claim to infamy: How many 11-year-old female superheroes who swear like a trucker and can kill baddies with bayonets, butterfly knives and Barettas have you seen onscreen? Best worst line: “Okay you c**ts, let's see what you can do now.”
Most “Oh no they didn’t!”: Villain D’Amico beats the crap out of her and nearly kills her after she dispatches his entire team of henchman.
What you didn’t hear: A line cut from the movie that implied Hit Girl was doing cocaine out of a Hello Kitty bag.

Actors: Leo Fitzpatrick, Justin Pierce
Claim to infamy: Larry Clark’s tale of drugging, promiscuous teens was truthful to some, borderline pornographic to others; among its several not-so-savory characters is Telly, a so-called “virgin surgeon” with HIV whose goal was to deflower as many girls as he could, some as young as 13.
Best worst line: “Jesus Christ, what happened?”
Most “Oh no they didn’t!”: Telly’s friend rapes HIV-positive teen Jenny (Chloe Sevigny) while she is passed out unconscious after a party.
What you didn’t know: Filmmakers got this one released right before the Child Pornography Prevention Act was signed, after which it may never have seen the light of day.

The Exorcist
Actor: Linda Blair/Regan
Claim to infamy: At age 13, Blair (albeit as Satan) shocked audiences with foul, sexualized language. The actress herself was not restrained properly and got physically battered whenever she was thrown around the bedroom. She has said since that she was so young, she didn’t understand half of what she was doing or saying.
Best worst line: “Your mother sucks c*** in hell, Karras!”
Most “Oh no they didn’t!”: Regan curses her mother and masturbates with a crucifix.

Taxi Driver
Actor: Jodie Foster/Iris
Claim to infamy: Jodie Foster was 13 playing a 12-year-old prostitute (actually studying with a real working girl to prep for the role) and was on-set for the violent shootout at the end—although a stand-in performed the more sexual scenes and Foster was fully aware of the effects and makeup that made the scene only seem real.
Best worst line: “We better make it or Sport’ll get mad…. You wanna make it like--this? Don’t you wanna make it?”
Most “Oh no they didn’t!”: Iris is just trying to do her job, unzipping potential Travis Bickle’s pants in a $10 fleabag motel room.
What you didn’t know: Jodie’s 19-year-old sister Connie was her body double.

Hard Candy
Actor: Ellen Page/Hayley
Claim to infamy: Age 18 playing 14, Page as Hayley meets a 30-something pedophile online, then proceeds to mentally and physically torture him despite his pleas of innocence. NBC’s To Catch a Predator was never so salacious.
Best worst line: “I am every little girl you ever watched, touched, hurt, screwed, killed.”
Most “Oh no they didn’t!”: As he’s tied to a chair, Hayley strangles him unconscious, then lays him on a table naked and threatens imminent castration.

Leon The Professional
Actor: Natalie Portman/Mathilda
Claim to infamy: The original Hit Girl with a gun in one hand and a stuffed bunny in the other, 12-year-old Mathilda (Portman was 13 when the film came out) wants Jean Reno’s hit man to get revenge on her family's killers. She gets drunk on champagne, confesses she loves him, and the creepy weirdness doesn’t stop there.
Best worst line: “I wanna kill those sons of bitches, and blow their f***ing heads off!”
Most “Oh no they didn’t!”: Reno sets Mathilda up with a sniper rifle on a building rooftop, shows her the ropes, and tells her to “hit whoever.” “Can we try with real bullets now?” she asks, after hitting a jogger with a blank.
What you didn’t know: The European cut of this movie was so risqué scenes (like the one of Reno walking in on her in the shower) were cut and the movie retitled for us American prudes.

Actor: Dominique Swain/Lolita
Claim to infamy: Adrian Lyne’s version of the Nabokov novel came 35 years after Kubrick’s and was no less shocking, with such pervy moments between the innocently seductive 14-year-old (a perfectly cast 15-year-old Swain) and the pedophile in love/lust with her that could make even Polanski shudder.
Best worst line: “Like that? You want more, don’t you?”
Most “Oh no they didn’t!”: After Humbert picks her up from camp, the gum-snapping Lolita accusing him of not kissing her hello, causing him to run off the dirt road. She climbs into his lap and starts making out with him, just at the moment a cop cruises by.

Pretty Baby
Actor: Brooke Shields/Violet
Claim to infamy: Shields, a flat-chested and prepubescent 12, played a prostitute who eventually marries a much-older photographer. Shields’s fully nude scenes caused international furor and landed director Louis Malle the reputation of being somewhere between Humbert Humbert and Roman Polanski.
Best worst line: “I want you to be my lover…I won’t even charge you.” Runner-up: “Get me some cocoa. And a bottle of brandy!”
Most “Oh no they didn’t!”: The older prostitutes tell Violet that her patron is buying her as a virgin, so she should behave like she’s being raped then act like it feels good and “touch him down there like it’s accidental.” What you didn’t know: Shields tried out for the role that went to Foster in Taxi Driver.

The Good Son
Actor: Macauley Culkin/Henry
Claim to infamy: In this variation of The Bad Seed (the 1956 classic with Sue Lyon as arguably the mother of all evil movie kids), Culkin was cast against type as a homicidal pre-teen with inclinations toward killing his siblings and using crossbows on the neighborhood pets.
Best worst line: “Hey, Mark... don't f***with me.”
Most “Oh no they didn’t!”: Henry causes a massive 10-car pileup on the freeway by dropping a dummy from the overpass to see how many accidents he can cause, a dummy he likes to call “Mr. Highway.”

Actor: Nikki Reed/Evie
Claim to infamy: At 15, Reed wrote and starred in the movie she based on her own life at age 12-13, intending it to be a comedy—one involving lying, shoplifting, huffing, self mutilation, girl-on-girl makeout sessions and oral sex. Hardy har!
Best worst line: “Hey boys! My friend wants to suck your d***!”
Most “Oh no they didn’t!”: As Evie and her friend (Evan Rachel Wood) are getting high, they punch each other in the face as hard as they can, Evie sending her pal careening face-first into a table.

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