The Last Horror Blog: 'Resident Evil' TV Plans, 'Night of the Living Dead' Prequel, 'Horns' Review and More!

The Last Horror Blog: 'Resident Evil' TV Plans, 'Night of the Living Dead' Prequel, 'Horns' Review and More!

Oct 16, 2014

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Resident Evil Milla Jovovich

More zombies on TV with a Resident Evil series in the works – With AMC’s The Walking Dead already a huge hit, it’s only a matter of time before we see more zombie stories on the small screen. Constantin Films looks ready to add to the undead apocalypse with newly announced plans to develop a series based on film and video game franchise Resident Evil.

It's looking like we'll get a TV show centered on Capcom’s popular game series following the debut of the sixth film in the franchise – which probably won’t reach screens until 2016. Will zombies still be all the rage by then? Seems like a safe bet.

Cameron Romero launches Night of the Living Dead prequel campaign -- Cameron Romero, son of legendary horror filmmaker George Romero, is set to follow in his father's footsteps. The younger Romero has launched an Indiegogo campaign with the hopes of raising $150,000 to make a prequel to his father's zombie epic Night of the Living Dead

Hailed as Origins (and not to be confused with 3D feature Night of the Living Dead: Origins), the new feature will explain how the zombie apocalypse got started once and for all. While I'm not convinced this is a good idea (part of the charm of Romero's films is that they don't bother with explaining why the zombies rise from the dead -- because that's not important), but if someone's going to do it, I'm happy it will be his son. Click the link above to donate. 

Scouts vs. Zombies moves again – I’ve been kind of looking forward to Christopher Landon’s Scouts vs. Zombies, which finds three scouts trying to save their town from a zombie apocalypse, but the film has been a victim of the old release-date shuffle. Now it’s moving again. The feature, which was bumped up to a February 2015 release to make room for Paranormal Activity 5 in March, has been pushed back to Halloween 2015. No details on why the big shift backwards, but we’ll keep you posted.

Help fund Dario Argento’s new film The Sandman – If you love Italian horror and Dario Argento, then you’re going to want to kick in a few bucks to help the Maestro fund his newest film, a spaghetti chiller titled The Sandman. Iggy Pop is set to star in the feature, and he's teamed with Argento to craft this entertaining pitch video.

Contribute to the campaign and help Argento and Pop raise a quarter of a million dollars by clicking here

Tommy Wirkola talks Dead Snow 3 – Filmmaker Tommy Wirkola’s Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead is just now hitting select theaters, but it’s never too soon to talk sequels. That’s what the filmmaker is doing in a new interview – be warned, there are spoilers for the second film in this quote:

“We have some ideas. We want to make a trilogy some time, if this does well. As you know, he [protagonist Martin] has a woman now, so we can deal with that. Maybe he has half-zombie kids. We haven’t seen half-zombies. We talked about opening the next film showing a zombie birth and it being the worst birth ever. These are just ideas for now, but I feel one more [film] could happen if this one does well.”

As long as it has more Nazi zombies, we’re okay with a third Dead Snow film. 


Horror Review

Horns posterDaniel Radcliffe may have risen to fame as the fresh-faced wizard at the heart of the Harry Potter series, but the actor is all grown up now – and he’s raising a little hell in Horns, the latest genre effort from High Tension director Alexander Aja.

Radcliffe plays Ig Perrish in the adaptation of Joe Hill’s novel, a young man who grows a set of demonic horns that bring out the worst in everyone around him after he’s accused of murdering the love of his life. Using his new demonic tools, Radcliffe works to find out who’s really responsible for the crime – with surprising results.

As much a supernatural mystery (that occasionally feels like a Twin Peaks spin-off) as a straight genre effort, Aja’s adaptation does a great job of remaining faithful to Hill’s novel, while forging its own identity along the way. Aja and screenwriter Keith Bunin make the wise decision to keep much of Hill’s dialogue intact, which helps make the film feel much smarter (and more nuanced) than I expected. Extended flashbacks punctuate the narrative at various points, along with some voiceover narration, but they’re integrated in such a way that they work as part of the overall narrative – never feeling like a crutch to give the present-day story context.

Radcliffe is surrounded with a rock-solid supporting cast, including David Morse, James Remar and Max Minghella, but it’s the grown-up boy wizard who really carries the weight of the feature on the two bony protrusions growing straight out of his forehead. Horns will often remind viewers of other films, but in the best way possible – and Hill has to be happy that he’s one for one when it comes to successful big-screen adaptations of his work. His father, Stephen King, hasn’t been quite that lucky.

Loaded with drama, great performances, a real story that rises above what the genre usually has to offer, and some good special effects work (Aja’s team pulls off a nice exploding-head gag), Horns is essentially perfect October viewing that should satisfy both hard-core genre fans and those who don’t like too much blood and guts in their entertainment. You can catch it now on VOD or see it in its limited theatrical release starting on October 31.


Horror on the Horizon

It’s the middle of October, so I hope you’re ready for some horror flicks. Here’s what’s coming up.

This Friday sees the arrival of the remake of cult favorite The Town That Dreaded Sundown, stalking into a limited number of theaters. The original was based on an unsolved series of crimes in Texas. If you want to get up to speed before the remake hits, you can catch the original on Netflix.

On October 24, fright fans will be treated to Ouija, a chiller wherein a group of young adults run afoul of some menacing spirits after using the witch board to reach out to the soul of their dead friend. The trailers haven’t been particularly amazing, but maybe it’ll be fun anyway.


Horror on Home Video

Fans have a lot of great discs to look forward to on the DVD and Blu-ray front.

October 21 sees the arrival of The Purge: Anarchy, the Soska sisters’ See No Evil 2, Spanish-language military chiller The Squad, and a sixth entry in the long-running Wrong Turn series.

If that's not enough to entice you horror hounds, the following week brings us the long-awaited restored version of Clive Barker’s Nightbreed from our friends at Scream Factory, as well as Mario Bava’s classic Planet of the Vampires. Marvel fans will want to check out Scott Derrickson’s Deliver Us from Evil, if only to get a glimpse at the work of the man who’s bringing Doctor Strange to the big screen.

All in all, this is the best time of the year for horror fans. Enjoy all of these releases. 




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