The Last Horror Blog: 'Train to Busan' Sequel on Its Way

The Last Horror Blog: 'Train to Busan' Sequel on Its Way

Aug 16, 2018

Train to Busan

Train to Busan sequel in development – Korean zombie flick Train to Busan (above) is easily one of the best zombie films to emerge in the past few years, which is no small feat, given how many zombie films we’ve seen since the turn of the century.

So, it’s exciting to hear that director Yeon Sang-ho is apparently hard at work writing the sequel. Here’s what Yeon had to say in an interview at Screen Daily: "It is an extension of Train To Busan, after the virus has spread throughout Korea, but the characters are not the same. It shares the same world view and is a zombie action film that deals with the aftermath on the peninsula of what happened in Train To Busan."

While this is clearly still in the early stages of development, it’s exciting news for fans of Asian horror cinema. Naturally, we’ll be bringing you more on this as it develops. Yeon hopes to shoot Peninsula in 2019.


Severin brings two Joe D’Amato classics to Blu-ray! – The late, great Joe D’Amato (aka Aristide Massaccesi) has long been one of my favorite Eurotrash directors. With a body of work that covered horror, nunsploitation, porn, and almost everything in between (with more pseudonyms than you can begin to imagine), D’Amato did it all.

And now, two of his masterworks are coming to American Blu-ray for the first time, courtesy of Severin Films.

That’s right, Italian cinema fans will be able to score copies of Anthropophagus and Absurd – uncut and packed with extras – on September 25. I mean, the movies are worth owning on their own, but the extras, including a Luigi Montefiore plush doll with removable intestines so you can re-enact Anthropophagus' most famous scene, make it even more amazing.

Check out how great these new versions look in the trailer below. Then preorder your copy here.


Test video shows what Jaws: The Revenge would look like with a CGI shark – Normally, I’m firmly in the camp for practical effects in movies. CGI has come a long way, but I like good old-fashioned gore gags, animatronics, and rubber and latex FX work over the vast majority of things created by a computer.

That being said, Jaws: The Revenge is pretty infamous for featuring some absolutely terrible practical FX shots when it comes to the animatronic shark used in the film. The thing doesn’t really swim, so much as it lists from side to side through the water in many of the film’s scenes, and it hasn’t aged nearly as well as the sharks featured in the first two Jaws titles (the less said about Jaws 3-D, the better).

So, special effects company CKVfx took it upon themselves to see if they could make the film better by replacing all the shots of the animatronic shark with CGI. This video is the first fruit of their labor.

All in all? Looks pretty good. What do you guys think?


Horror on the Horizon

With fall rapidly approaching, horror season is just over the horizon. Unfortunately, we’re not there yet, so the next two weeks are pretty light on options at the theater.

If you’re lucky enough to live in the infamous "select markets," you can check out Puppetmaster: The Littlest Reich on August 17. The killer puppets are back, and the trailer for this looks fun. Don’t fret if you’re not in one of those limited markets, though; the film is coming out on VOD as well.


The week of August 24 has no horror film releases, but I’m guessing at least a few of you are going to want to check out The Happytime Murders, the new R-rated adult-themed Muppet movie starring Melissa McCarthy. If you loved Peter Jackson’s Meet the Feebles, you’ll probably dig this.



Horror on Home Video

Things look promising again on the DVD and Blu-ray front. Lots of titles are coming next Tuesday.

We kick things off on August 21, with the release of the anniversary edition of much-loved cult classic Deep Rising. This mercs vs. monster movie features great performances from Treat Williams and Kevin J. O’Connor, and despite some dated CGI, has aged incredibly well.

Also this week, fans can pick up the third (and unfortunately, final) season of Starz’s Ash vs. Evil Dead and the complete first season of AMC’s moody and atmospheric period piece, The Terror.

Go ahead and spend freely on the discs coming out on August 21, because there’s nothing of note on August 28. Hey, every week can’t be a winner, and your bank account will be happy for the break.

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