The Last Horror Blog: 'Suspiria,' 'Stranger Things,' 'Puppetmaster: The Littlest Reich' and More

The Last Horror Blog: 'Suspiria,' 'Stranger Things,' 'Puppetmaster: The Littlest Reich' and More

Aug 02, 2018


Suspiria remake runtime revealed – When Luca Guadagnino's Suspiria remake hits theaters on November 2, you might want to skip the giant soda – because you're going to be glued to your seat for over two and a half hours by the time the credits roll and you probably won't want to miss anything during a run to the restroom.

When rumors circulated last year that the film's rough cut was nearly three hours in length, many of us assumed the final cut would be much shorter. This once again proves why you should never assume. Two and a half hours for a horror film feels really long (and it's significantly longer than Dario Argento's original, even in its most uncut form), but that teaser trailer garnered enough goodwill that even a really long runtime isn't lowering most folks' enthusiasm.

Can Guadagnino sustain suspense and narrative momentum for well over two hours? We'll find out in a few months.


Stranger Things release window revealed – A few weeks ago, we got our first teaser for the third season of Netflix’s Stranger Things. Many of us speculated that this was a good sign we'd be binging the third set of episodes sometime around this October because, really, is there a more perfect month for the show to debut?

Well, it turns out we were wrong.

Netflix VP of Original Content Cindy Holland crushed the dreams of a Halloween spent on the couch when she revealed that the third set of episodes wouldn't be debuting until Summer 2019. First Game of Thrones, now this?

Holland explained the reason for the delay: "It’s a handcrafted show. The Duffer brothers and Shawn Levy have worked really hard, and they understand the stakes are high. They want to deliver something bigger and better than what they did last year. And so they really want to take the time to get it right."

So, yeah, we could be waiting a year for new episodes. Just remember … those kids aren't gonna stay kids forever, Netflix.


Puppetmaster: The Littlest Reich trailer looks gory – Charles Band's Full Moon played an integral role in turning me into The Horror Geek. I'd eagerly peruse the new releases section every Tuesday at the local Mom 'n' Pop video store looking for the company's latest release and they rarely disappointed.

While my first love was always the Subspecies series, Puppetmaster was a favorite too, so few people were more excited than me when it was revealed that a new film was in the works.

Based on this trailer, I have to say that Puppetmaster: The Littlest Reich looks like it delivers everything I'd hoped for. Gore, classic cameos, those menacing little puppets … it's all here.

You'll be able to check it out via VOD on August 17, but here's the trailer, guaranteed to whet your appetite.


Robert Englund shares his idea for a new Nightmare on Elm Street – Robert Englund has said repeatedly that he's retired from the role of Freddy Krueger, but maybe … just maybe … that stance is softening.

Englund recently appeared on a panel promoting Eli Roth's upcoming AMC series Eli Roth's History of Horror and spoke about the character that made him a horror cinema icon. During this chat, Englund shared his idea for how he'd bring Freddy back and also how he might be coerced into donning the makeup once more. I gotta admit, it's a pretty cool idea.

Here's what Englund had to say: "If I had an Eli Roth budget I would have cast different actors to play Freddy for every potential victim, because Freddy is only alive in the imagination of his future victim. They would talk about it at a slumber party or in a locker room at school, or on the bus going home.

"All we know about this Fred Krueger is he wears a hat, wears a red and green striped sweater and has a clawed hand. That's the specifics. So it could be a red and green cardigan for one Freddy. It could be an old tattered baseball cap for another Freddy. Freddy could be tall, he could be short, he could be overweight, he could be muscular.

"Every one of the victims could have a different Freddy they imagined. And you could haunt them with that Freddy. And then at the end, it would be the ultimate victim and we see Freddy peel open like The Howling or the dogs in John Carpenter's [The Thing], and maybe it's yours truly revealed. And it's the essence of Freddy."

Yeah, I'd pay to see that. How about you?


Horror on the Horizon

August starts off with a whimper, but things get a little better in the second week of the month. While August 3 is devoid of horror offerings, the second Friday in the month offers up two titles that should appeal to fright fans.

First up, we have Slender Man, a new feature based on the popular Internet urban legend. Here are the plot details: 

"In a small town in Massachusetts, four high school girls perform a ritual in an attempt to debunk the lore of Slender Man. When one of the girls goes mysteriously missing, they begin to suspect that she is, in fact, HIS latest victim."

Also opening this week, we get The Meg, the long-in-development (seriously, this thing has been kicking around Hollywood for what feels like forever) adaptation of Steve Alten's Jaws-on-steroids novel.

Jason Statham takes on a giant ancestor of the great white shark in this new feature and while it’s not a pure horror flick, seeing a bunch of people get chomped by a hundred-foot shark is sure to appeal to genre fans.


Horror on Home Video

Hope your wallets are ready, because there are a whole lot of great discs coming your way over the next two weeks. No lie, this might be the most bountiful Blu-ray release crop we've seen all year.

August 7 offers up Severin Films' regular and collector's editions of The Changeling. George C. Scott stars in this classic film, which has been hailed as one of the most unsettling supernatural movies in the history of the genre. If you've never seen it, trust me, it's amazing.

Also available on this date are Dante Tomaselli's creepy low budget feature Desecration and a new Blu-ray Predator disc, as well as a Predator trilogy collection package.

Moving along to August 10, things get really crazy.

Shout Factory brings us Return of the Living Dead Part II, which will make a great companion piece to their fantastic collector's edition of the first film. This is one of those rare sequels that's really entertaining on its own.

Shout's not done there, though. The company is also bringing us steelbook versions of The Howling, Tobe Hooper's bat-sh*t insane vampires from space movie LifeForce, and yet another version of Army of Darkness.

Arrow is also getting in on the action, releasing a new version of Massimo Dallamano's giallo What Have They Done to Your Daughters? and Herschell Gordon Lewis' The Gore Gore Girls.

Oh, and Full Moon's throwing in a retro-styled Big Box VHS Blu-ray release of Laserblast, which served as the inspiration of one of Mystery Science Theater's most beloved episodes. Now you can riff along on your own.

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