The Last Horror Blog: 'Happy Death Day 2U,' 'Bird Box,' 'Stranger Things' and More

The Last Horror Blog: 'Happy Death Day 2U,' 'Bird Box,' 'Stranger Things' and More

Jan 03, 2019

Happy Death Day 2U

Happy Death Day 2U gets a new trailer – Valentine’s Day is right around the corner (how time flies…), and if you’ve got a special someone who likes horror flicks, you can cap off the big night with a trip to see Happy Death Day 2U.

The sequel to one of 2017’s unexpected hits finds star Jessica Rothe once again stuck in the worst day ever, only this time, the stakes are raised. She doesn’t have to keep dying just to save herself, but also a bunch of other people from her school.

Check out the trailer below.


Bird Box sets Netflix record – So, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve undoubtedly run across people on social media talking about Bird Box, a Netflix original film based on a Josh Malerman novel.

The film stars Sandra Bullock, and well, I don’t want to really say much more than that because it works best if you go in cold. But Netflix did want to talk about their latest success this week, taking to Twitter to proclaim the film their biggest debut of all-time.

With over 45 million accounts streaming the feature in the first seven days of release, it’s now the biggest opening in Netflix history. Not too shabby for a horror film.

If you’re not one of those 45 million accounts, watch the trailer below.



Stranger Things Season 3 gets teaser, release date – If you’re jonesing for the next set of episodes of Stranger Things, we’ve got good news. Netflix’s hit series is set to return to the streaming service on July 4, 2019. That's nearly two years after season 2.

That’s a long time to wait, but this cryptic teaser has me convinced it’ll all be worth it. Check it out and see if you can glean any clues as to what’s in store moving forward.

Bill Murray Returning for Zombieland 2? – I find it fascinating that people still care about Zombieland 2 rumors; it’s been almost ten years since the film came out. This is literally the Avatar of horror sequels at this point. But I get it; the first film was a lot of fun and everyone wants more. I’m just not convinced it’s ever gonna happen.

Anyway, the latest rumor about the sequel involves the return of Bill Murray.

As you probably recall, Murray had a cameo in the original film (and believe me, the statute of limitations is expired on that spoiler at this point), and this week’s uncorroborated news claims that Murray will return, along with fellow Ghostbusters alum Dan Aykroyd.

Personally, I’d take this with a huge grain of salt. That being said, if it does turn out to be true, it’s kinda cool.

What do you guys think? Will we ever see Zombieland 2? Will it be able to live up to the hype after all these years if we do? At the moment, it's scheduled for theatrical release on October 22, 2019. 


Horror on the Horizon

With the holidays now firmly in the rearview mirror, we can finally cleanse our palate of all this wholesome entertainment and get back to some less family friendly fare. January is traditionally a strong month for horror, and we kick 2019 off with the release of Escape Room.

Six strangers find themselves trapped in an escape room and like Saw or The Collector, the traps are real. Will they make it out? You can find out on Friday, January 4 when the film opens in wide release.


Horror on Home Video

It may be fairly quiet on the theatrical front, but there are a lot of really great discs coming your way on Blu-ray at the start of 2019. Prepare your wallets!

January 8 bring us the first-season sets of Hulu’s Stephen King-inspired Castle Rock and the television version of The Purge. I haven’t had time to sit down with either series yet, but that’s gonna change next week, clearly.

The most intriguing title releasing this week, though, is Hell Fest, an amusement park slasher film that feels like a throwback to the 80s. Tony Todd turns up in this one, and that alone is enough to give it a recommendation. I mean, who doesn’t love Tony Todd?

January really kicks into high gear on the 15th, though, with the release of one of last year’s biggest hits: Halloween.

Michael Myers and Laurie Strode square off yet again in David Gordon Green’s relaunch of the franchise. It’s not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s definitely a step up from some of the sequels we’ve endured over the years.

Also available this week: Luciano Ercoli’s giallo The Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion, Mario Bava’s foray into Viking cinema Knives of the Avenger, and a two-disc limited edition release of Guillermo del Toro’s sumptuous Crimson Peak, courtesy of our friends at Arrow.

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