The Last Horror Blog: 'Get Out' Sequel, 'A Quiet Place,' 'Devils Under Dust' and More

The Last Horror Blog: 'Get Out' Sequel, 'A Quiet Place,' 'Devils Under Dust' and More

Nov 22, 2017

Get Out

Jordan Peele open to the idea of a Get Out sequel – I’ve no doubt (goofy Golden Globes categorization aside…) that Jordan Peele’s Get Out is going to wind up on a whole lot of “Best Horror of 2107” lists at the end of next month. There’s no denying that Peele has created one of the smarter horror films to emerge in recent memory (no small feat, considering that we’ve had quite a few intelligent genre offerings over the past few years), but would the director actually return to the world he created for a sequel? Turns out, he would.

Peele recently spoke with Deadline and had this to say about a potential follow-up to breakout feature.

“I haven’t decided anything yet and I am allowing the creative part to bubble up, and not force it,” he says. “I know if a follow-up is meant to happen, it will. I’m open to figuring out what it is. But I also don’t want to let down the original and its fans. I simply would not do something like that for the cash.”

I’m not sure I want a sequel to Get Out (I think it works brilliantly as a standalone), but I’m interested in seeing what Peele comes up with if he ever does get around to doing it. At the very least, based on his quote above, it seems like he’d only do it if he genuinely had something to say. Wish I could say as much for other horror franchises…


Silence is survival in new trailer for A Quiet Place – Most horror films have a sequence where one of the main characters has to be quiet in order to avoid detection by the killer/monster they’re up against, but John Krasinski’s upcoming horror film A Quiet Place builds an entire feature around the conceit. And if this new trailer is any indication, this is going to be an intense film.

The new feature follows a family who must live in complete silence to avoid catching the attention of a presumably supernatural menace that’s stalking them. This means lots of sign language and other concessions, naturally.

Krasinski and real-life wife Emily Blunt headline the feature, which is due out on April 6, 2018. Until then, enjoy the trailer.


Devils Unto Dust is coming to the big screen – Emma Berquist’s debut YA novel Devils Unto Dust has been billed as “True Grit meets 28 Days Later,” which has me excited to check out the book when it debuts next April.

If you’re not big on reading, then you’ll probably be delighted to know that New Regency has already acquired the film rights to the book and has big plans for the adaptation. Read on for the plot details.

“The novel follows 17-year-old Daisy Wilcox’s journey through 1870’s West Texas during a Reconstruction period plagued by a deadly virus infecting thousands with a rabies-like disease that turns people into murderous 'Shakes.' When Daisy’s father disappears, Daisy hires two Shake-hunters who specialize in killing the infected, and sets off into the terrorscape of the western frontier to find him.”

Obviously, this is an early announcement, so there are no directors, writers, or actors attached – but we’ll be keeping a close eye on this one as it works its way through development.


Horror on the Horizon

It should come as no surprise that there are no new horror films opening this week. Thanksgiving generally doesn’t seem like a time of year where people want to go watch things get stabbed – unless we’re talking about the holiday turkey.

Things aren’t much better at the start of December. Some sites list a release date for Dennis Iliadis’ He’s Out There this weekend, I don’t believe that’s actually correct (and the fact that I can’t even find a trailer for the movie seems to support that feeling…).

However, Psychopaths is opening in limited release and on VOD this week. Here are the details in case you’re interested.

The paths of multiple serial killers cross over one single, blood soaked night. Which psychopath will survive through to morning? Follow the soul of a recently executed serial killer as he descends back to earth and possesses his many followers beneath the full moon. There’s Alice, an escaped mental patient who thinks she’s living in the 1950s glamour world, Blondie, a beautiful seductress who lures men down into her suburban basement, the Midnight Strangler, first seen claiming a victim in a seedy hotel, and an enigmatic masked contract killer who stalks the city with his own deadly agenda.


Horror on Home Video

Pickings remain pretty slim on the home video front too.

The only notable release on November 28 is the Blu-ray collector’s edition of Stephen King’s Misery, which finds a novelist played by James Caan at the mercy of his demented “number one fan” (in a star-making turn by Kathy Bates).

December gets off to a much better start, at least – so if you have a horror fan on your shopping list, these movies should be on your radar.

The highlight of December 5 is the new 4-disc Blu-ray box set, The Amicus Collection. This package collects three of Amicus’ most beloved genre offerings (Asylum, And Now the Screaming Starts, and The Beast Must Die), and includes a huge list of extras that should please fans to no end.

If you’re ready to get into the holiday spirit, then you may want to grab a copy of the new Blu-ray release of the controversial Christmas cult classic, Silent Night, Deadly Night. He knows when you’ve been naughty, indeed…

Also on the docket is Arrow’s Collector’s Blu-ray edition of The Witch Who Came From the Sea. This under-the-radar flick about a woman whose dark fantasies start bleeding into reality is finally starting to find an appreciative audience. Hopefully this new edition will continue that trend.

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