The Last Horror Blog: 'Annabelle 3,' 'Candyman,' 'Apostle,' 'Alan Wake' and More

The Last Horror Blog: 'Annabelle 3,' 'Candyman,' 'Apostle,' 'Alan Wake' and More

Sep 14, 2018

Annabelle: Creation

First Annabelle 3 details emergeThe Conjuring franchise is looking pretty unstoppable at the moment – the latest entry, The Nun, just dominated the weekend box office – but there’s more supernatural shenanigans to come.

Screenwriter Gary Dauberman recently sat down to talk about all of his various projects – and revealed that the Annabelle franchise is about to get a third installment. When asked about Annabelle 3, Dauberman had this to say:

"I’m actually writing and directing that one. That’s going to go before cameras mid-October so I’m deep in prep on that now. We’re bringing the franchise back home after being so far away in Romania. It’s set in the Warrens’ house. It’s what happens when Annabelle comes into the artifact room. Much like Swamp Thing, what happens when Annabelle comes into the artifact room and how she affects her environment."

When asked if the Warrens will be in the film, Dauberman played coy, saying we'll "have to wait and see." Expect more details on this one as we head into October.


Jordan Peele Candyman rumors break the internet – The internet loves a good rumor, and it also loves Jordan Peele (and after Get Out, it’s easy to understand why), so when there’s a new rumor involving Peele and a beloved horror film? Well, the internet basically goes crazy.

According to Bloody-Disgusting, Peele is interested in producing a remake of Bernard Rose’s brilliant 1992 film, Candyman. Based on a story by Clive Barker, Rose’s film captivated genre fans with an amazing performance from Tony Todd and a mesmerizing Philip Glass score. Peele, who clearly loves genre material -- he’s working a Twilight Zone remake, and adapting Matt Ruff’s Lovecraft Country -- feels like a great fit.

Will it actually happen? I’m dubious – but fingers crossed.


Alan Wake TV series in developmentAlan Wake, the creepy horror hit that took the Xbox 360 and PC by storm a few years back, is coming to the small screen. Peter Calloway has been hired as a showrunner on the fledgling project, with game creator Sam Lake serving as executive producer.

The game, which was designed like a television series inspired by shows like The Twilight Zone and Twin Peaks, finds a Stephen King-esque writer visiting a creepy town in hopes of curing his writer’s block. Then things get weird…

This project is in the early stages of development, but as a big fan of the game I’ll be keeping an eye on it. Expect more details in the months ahead.


Gareth Evans teases Apostle ahead of trailer debut – We’re very interested in Gareth Evans’ Apostle. Evans, who became a fanboy favorite with The Raid, then cemented his reputation with the "Safe Haven" segment in VHS 2, returns to the world of crazy cults in his latest.

Apostle is set to have an official trailer debut on September 17, but Evans couldn’t wait – offering up this tantalizing tidbit on Instagram:


Here’s the plot breakdown for the film: "Prodigal son Thomas Richardson (Dan Stevens) has returned home, only to learn that his sister is being held for ransom by a religious cult. Determined to get her back at any cost, Thomas travels to the idyllic island where the cult lives under the leadership of the charismatic Prophet Malcolm (Michael Sheen). As Thomas infiltrates the island’s community, he learns that the corruption of mainland society that they claim to reject has infested the cult’s ranks nonetheless – and uncovers a secret far more evil than he could have imagined. Apostle is a harrowing occult fable where the only thing more horrifying than madness is the sinister reality behind it."


Horror on the Horizon

We get several new releases sure to delight (or at least capture the interest of…) horror fans.

There are two limited release titles hitting this weekend. The Toybox is headlined by Denise Richards and Mischa Barton and takes place in a broken down RV (talk about a weird setting), while Don’t Leave Home features a story about a missing girl, an urban legend and a painting.

Meanwhile, there’s one big national release today; while it’s not a straight horror film, I’m guessing most of you are going to be pretty interested in Shane Black’s The Predator. Here’s the plot breakdown and trailer.

"From the outer reaches of space to the small-town streets of suburbia, the hunt comes home in Shane Black's explosive reinvention of the Predator series. Now, the universe's most lethal hunters are stronger, smarter and deadlier than ever before, having genetically upgraded themselves with DNA from other species. When a young boy accidentally triggers their return to Earth, only a ragtag crew of ex-soldiers and a disgruntled science teacher can prevent the end of the human race." 

September 21 isn’t full of options for horror fans, but we will get the wide release of Eli Roth and Jack Black’s The House with a Clock in Its Walls, which totally sounds like a ‘70s giallo. This one looks family friendly, a real departure for Roth.

The magical adventure tells the spine-tingling tale of 10-year-old Lewis who goes to live with his uncle in a creaky old house with a mysterious tick-tocking heart. But his new town’s sleepy façade jolts to life with a secret world of warlocks and witches when Lewis accidentally awakens the dead. 


Horror on Home Video

Lots of good stuff on home video front for the next two weeks.

September 18 features an Arrow release of fan favorite giallo, The Pyjama Girl Case, and Blu-ray versions of Phantasm III and Phantasm IV.

There are several high profile releases for the week of September 25.

John Carpenter’s classic Halloween gets a 4K release just in time to get you ready for next month’s new film. You probably already own 56 versions of Halloween on disc, so what’s one more, right?

The biggest release of the week is a box set featuring all the films in Paco Plaza and Jaume Balaguero’s fantastic [Rec] series. Scream Factory is bringing us the box set, which will include all four films in the franchise, complete with loads of extras. It seems safe to say this is going to be the definitive version of these films.

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