Katherine Heigl's Wild Hot Tub Parties

Katherine Heigl's Wild Hot Tub Parties

Oct 13, 2010

Katherine Heigl may be bumbling around on the big screen as a single woman who has a baby and a moronic man shoveled onto her in the new film Life as We Know It, but it would appear that real life is a lot more interesting for Heigl, who had the cops called on her for making a little too much noise at home on Monday night. Apparently, Heigl and husband Josh Kelley (new parents themselves to an adopted 2-year-old) were enjoying a little dip in their hut tub when a neighbor began yelling obscenenties at them, demanding they quiet down. (Video of this interaction is sadly not online, though if it was we bet it'd be the most fascinating thing you watched all week.)

Heigl's security guard then stepped in and called the police. No one was arrested or issued a citation, though Heigl told the cops that this same neighbor had been complaining about other houses in the area too. Geez, is there anyone who's not complaining about Katherine Heigl these days? The girl can't star in a movie without people hatin' on her, and she can't even go in the hot tub without a neighbor screaming at her. Next up on TMZ: Katherine Heigl is attacked on the toilet by a fly holding a "Screw Knocked Up, I'll Knock You Out" sign. Now I'd pay to see that video.

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