Katherine Heigl Joins Puppet Comedy-Thriller 'Happytime Murders'

Katherine Heigl Joins Puppet Comedy-Thriller 'Happytime Murders'

Feb 06, 2012

Actress Katherine HeiglWhen we first heard about Brian Henson’s Happytime Murders back in 2008, we were pretty excited about the project. Best described as cross between Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and Peter Jackson’s Meet the Feebles, the idea of an R-rated puppet film with both muppets and actors sounded just odd enough to pique our interest.

In the intervening years, the film has languished in development hell -- waiting for someone in Hollywood with some guts to pick it up and get it made. We thought maybe that was going to happen back in 2010, when Lionsgate acquired the rights, but so far nothing has come of it.

That could change soon. Happytime Murders is set to head to the European Film Market this week, and it’s going with a new star attached: Katherine Heigl.

There’s no word on who Heigl might play in the feature, which revolves around a disgraced muppet cop turned P.I. who teams up with a human partner to figure out who’s killing off the cast members of an ‘80s kid show called “The Happytime Gang,” but we’re guessing she’d make a decent femme fatale. Is Heigl’s involvement enough to kickstart this feature and get it made? Only time will tell.

We’ll bring you more on Happytime Murders as details come to light. 

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