John Carpenter's 'Darkchylde' Update Reveals Casting Details and More

John Carpenter's 'Darkchylde' Update Reveals Casting Details and More

Jul 11, 2012

Darkchylde teaser artHorror maven John Carpenter announced his plans to direct an adaptation of the comic book series Darkchylde in late October of last year. Since then, things have been pretty quiet when it comes to bringing the adventures of Ariel Chylde to the silver screen, but that changed earlier this week when website Daily Grindhouse scored an exclusive update on the project.

Carpenter’s wife, Sandy King Carpenter, is currently hard at work lining up all the necessary components for the production. She informs DG that the FX wizards at WETA will be onboard to assist with Darkchylde’s creature designs (they’re currently creating concept art) and that Illusion Industries are hard at work concocting character designs and other visual elements.

Since the story revolves around Ariel Chylde – a young woman who can become the creatures from her nightmares – the monster design is a major element of the film. Those worried that this means the film will be a CGI extravaganza can breathe easy – Carpenter assured DG that the bulk of the film’s creatures will be comprised of practical effects applications with some CGI enhancement. Hearing Carpenter is making another monster movie with practical effects automatically makes us think back to The Thing – which is certainly exciting for fans.

Mrs. Carpenter also shares some inside casting info relating to the film. She reports that actresses Chloe Moretz, Elizabeth Olsen, and Elle Fanning are being considered for the title role. No word yet if the production has had negotiations with any of these actresses, but landing any of the three would be a pretty impressive casting coup.

Clearly, Darkchylde is still in the very early stages of development – but this latest update at least shows us that Carpenter and his team are busy laying the groundwork required to bring Randy Queen’s comic book to the big screen.

We’ll bring you more on Darkchylde as production details are revealed. 

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