'Horns' Trailer: See Daniel Radcliffe Become the Devil

'Horns' Trailer: See Daniel Radcliffe Become the Devil

Jul 15, 2014

Horns, written by Joe Hill, has the kind of out-there, supernatural-yet-humanly-evil plot that will make you go, "Yep, that sounds like something Stephen King's son would write." A young man, not long after being accused of murdering his girlfriend, starts growing a pair of small horns on his forehead. Is he the Devil incarnate? Is it just a coincidence? Who really killed his girlfriend? And why can he force people to tell him things they would never, ever admit to anyone else?

You could find out the answers to all those questions if you read Hill's 2011 book. Or you could just wait for the movie version, which will hit theaters this fall. It stars Daniel Radcliffe as the horned man, which is casting that should have anyone already immediately intrigued in the project. And to really push it over into "Now I've got to see it territory," it was directed by Alexandre Aja (The Hills Have Eyes, Haute Tension).

You can see the first teaser trailer below. It doesn't really get into much of what makes Horns, well, Horns, but it's a nice tease. If anything, it does promise that this will make a fascinating double bill with David Fincher's adaptation of a did-he-kill-her literary hit, Gone Girl, which also comes out this October.





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