Here's What You Look Like As a Peanuts Character

Here's What You Look Like As a Peanuts Character

Sep 22, 2015

We'll forever have this fascination with seeing ourselves as various characters across pop culture, especially animated characters. From The Simpsons to Futurama to The Flinstones, for fans it's like a requirement to at some point before you die see what you'd look like as a character from within a popular cartoon universe.

Next up on your wishlist: a Peanuts character.

What would it look like if you were dropped into the middle of a wholesome wintry ice-skating scene amidst Charlie Brown and friends As part of a promotion for The Peanuts Movie (November 6), you can now peanutize yourself right over here.

I look a little something like this, complete with a whole mess of baldness. 


Unfortunately you can't upload an image of yourself and see how they'd transform you, but you do get to use a tool that let's you create stuff like...

... a scene from the never-before-aired Peanuts movie. It's Called Punk Rock, Charlie Brown.


Clearly this is how I'm now spending the rest of my day. Show us your favorite made-up Peanuts movies in the comments and watch the latest trailer below.

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