Superhero Roundup: See What an Animated 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Will Look Like

Superhero Roundup: See What an Animated 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Will Look Like

Sep 11, 2014

You love comic book movies. We love comic book movies. Let’s just spend the rest of this post talking about comic book movies.

We kick things off today with your first official look at the anime version of Guardians of the Galaxy. No, Japan isn’t making its own animated feature about this summer’s most lovable box office heroes – but the Guardians will be appearing on the anime series Marvel Disk Wars. So, they’ve been all gussied up for their big moment.

All in all, it looks like what you’d expect. Star-Lord looks like he could have walked off the set of a video game, and Gamora isn’t sporting a Sailor Moon outfit, so it’s off to a good start. We will admit to being a little disturbed by Rocket Raccoon’s super cuddly appearance, but nothing can prepare you to gaze into the soulless eyes of Groot. “I am Groot” apparently means “I will swallow your soul to replace that which I do not possess” in this instance. [via Geek Tyrant]

Venom spin-off promises that things will get dark

From a cutesy Rocket Raccoon to Venom – talk about transitions.

Writer-director Alex Kurtzman is talking about his Spider-Man spin-off featuring the alien symbiote Spidey first encounters in Secret Wars, and if you felt that all the movies based on various Marvel properties had been a little too sunshiney, then his comments will be good news.

Kurtzman revelas that he has dark things in store for the character:

“The idea is that you can do things with Venom that you can't do with Spider-Man... Venom is the representation of every line that will get crossed. He's a much darker character."

He sure is – he likes to eat brains, for starters. You don’t see that in your average Marvel Comics-based movie. Of course, we might not see in Kurtzman’s film either, but the potential is there.

Now, the real question is which form of Venom will appear in the film? I’m personally hoping for Eddie Brock, but the Flash Thompson version could be an option as well. What’s your preference? [via Coming Soon]


Marvel appears to have big plans for Guardians of the Galaxy’s Dave Bautista

And we close things out almost back where we started, with some more Guardians of the Galaxy news.

One of the coolest surprises of this summer’s biggest blockbuster was the emergence of wrestler-turned-actor Dave Bautista, who plays Drax in the film. Wrestlers making the jump to the screen don't always work out, but it definitely did in this case – and now Marvel appears set to make sure Bautista remains a part of their movie universe for the foreseeable future.

It seems a given that the actor is already locked in for Guardians of the Galaxy 2, but wrestling website PW Mania is reporting that the actor is having closed-doors meetings about his future beyond that feature. Speculation is running rampant that Marvel wants Drax around for The Avengers 3, which may finally focus on the Infinity Gauntlet storyline. Drax plays a pretty major part in that saga.

We hope this is all on the level, because we want to see more of Bautista as Drax in the years ahead, and because we really want to see The Infinity Gauntlet story arc on the big screen. We’ll keep you posted. [via CinemaBlend]




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