Giveaway: The 'Die Hard' 25th Anniversary Blu-ray Collection

Giveaway: The 'Die Hard' 25th Anniversary Blu-ray Collection

Feb 01, 2013

It's pretty common for a studio to push out a new franchise box set ahead of the release of a new entry in the series. Unfortunately for fans, those box sets usually don't have a whole lot of new features. That's not the case with Fox' new Die Hard 25th Anniversary Blu-ray Collection.

The studio put out the new box set earlier this week, and while you can head to your movie retailer of choice and pick up a copy today, you could also effortlessly win a free one from us. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post proclaiming your love for John McClane (and then be randomly selected, of course). You should also live in the continental United States and comment from an account with a valid e-mail address. We'll ask the winner for their mailing address, so pleae don't publicly post that-- only McClane love.

The Die Hard 25th Anniversary Blu-ray Collection includes:

Disc 1: Die Hard Blu-ray

Disc 2: Die Hard 2: Die Harder Blu-ray

Disc 3: Die Hard with a Vengeance Blu-ray

Disc 4: Live Free or Die Hard Blu-ray

Disc 5: Decoding Die Hard Blu-ray:.

Modern-Day Hero — Casting, evolution and legacy of John McClane

Along For The Ride — Engaging sidekicks who have teamed up with McClane

Bad To The Bone — McClane’s well-armed and formidable foes

Punishing Blows — Creating the intense action sequences, fistfights and stunts

Explosive Effects — Role of groundbreaking visual and special effects including some of the biggest explosions on screen

Reinventing The Action Genre — Development of the franchise from concept to character to story

The Right Hero For The Right Time — Appeal and influence of Die Hard films on pop culture

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