Get Details on the New Streaming Service for True Movie Lovers

Get Details on the New Streaming Service for True Movie Lovers

Oct 06, 2016

If you're a hardcore cinephile, the kind who regularly watches Turner Classic Movies and always takes advantage of Criterion Collection sales, then FilmStruck is for you. Actually, it's for film lovers of all types who enjoy great cinema, old and new. This is the subscription VOD service that partners TCM and Criterion to provide the best programming of classics, foreign films, American indies, documentaries and cult films.

The streaming platform launches in two weeks, and here's all you need to know to get excited for it now:

The Criterion Channel - if you were bummed about Criterion Collection titles disappearing from Hulu recently, here's the new exclusive home for Criterion's entire streaming library. It is an add-on to FilmStruck's main subscription but definitely worth it (especially if you don't have the money or room to keep buying Criterion Blu-rays). And you can get a good deal on it if you purchase an annual package. The Criterion Channel will not be immediately available but launches soon enough on November 11. 

Hundreds of Rotating Titles - Even if you go for the basic FilmStruck package, you get tons of quality movies, with the library constantly refreshed with titles from the major studios plus distributors like Janus Films, Flicker Alley, Icarus Films, Kino, Milestone, Zeitgeist, Film Movement, Global Lens, First Run Features, Oscilloscope Laboratories and Shout Factory. Some non-Criterion movies you'll find there include Mad Max, the concert film masteripiece Woodstock and Woody Allen's. Stardust Memories.

Curated Collections - FilmStruck will make finding movies fun and easy through curated programming, with 70 themed collections including those on Italian and Israeli cinemas, political docs, cult classics, genres such as neo-noir and horror and spotlights on filmmakers including Mike Leigh, Stanley Kubrick, Akira Kurosawa and Chantal Ackerman. And there'll be plenty of bonus material to go along with the movies so you can learn about film history and world cinema, as well. Get a low-cost film studies education!

Enjoyable Hosts - You may not find TCM staples Robert Osborne, Ben Mankiewicz or Tiffany Vazquez introducing the films or hosting specials on FilmStruck, but TCM regular Bill Hader will be on hand with his smart and funny commentary, plus Fandango's delightful Alicia Malone will host a monthly look at films from burgeoning international movie industries and scenes while comedian Lucky Yates has been tapped as the expert for a cult and horror showcase.

FilmStruck will be available on your computer and multiple devices beginning October 19. 




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