From 'Taken' to 'Fatal Attraction,' What You Need to Know About the Movies Becoming TV Shows

From 'Taken' to 'Fatal Attraction,' What You Need to Know About the Movies Becoming TV Shows

Nov 30, 2015

With news this week that another Tremors TV series is on the way and with the FX drama based on Fargo being such a hit that a third season has just been confirmed, we thought it was a good time to look at how many more shows adapted from movies are currently in development and possibly on their way to network broadcast or streaming service. Fortunately, Den of Geek has already compiled a great list of 42 in the works for us to go by.


What are the biggest movies being turned into TV shows?

After three Taken movies, the Liam Neeson-led franchise is moving to the small screen for a prequel series. Rush Hour is also headed to TV following three successful movies. There's also the beloved romance flick The Notebook, the classic paranormal romance flick Ghost, the classic unromantic thriller Fatal Attraction and the Tom Hanks fantasy comedy Big


Which of these projects is the second attempt to turn the movie into a TV show?

Like Tremors, a number of other movies have been unsuccessfully adapted to TV before but are trying again. A sitcom based on the 1989 comedy Uncle Buck only lasted one season, but now the idea is getting a second chance. The 1990 comedy Problem Child spawned a theatrical sequel, a TV movie sequel and a cartoon adaptation, but now it's getting a live-action series version. Then there's In the Heat of the Night, which had a successful TV version already in the '80s and '90s. And Friday the 13th, which spun off a series that had nothing to do with the premise of the horror film series.


Which of the shows diverge the most from the movie?

Speaking of series that are barely connected to their source movies, there's plan for an All Of Me show where the main character's soul leaps into a new person's body each week, which sounds more like Quantum Leap than the 1984 comedy.

Real Genius, which is set at a college, is becoming a workplace comedy. The show based on The Illusionist will bet set in a different time and involves a different plot, about a magician who uses his tricks for heists and vengeance against a mob boss. Marley & Me will be a sequel series with a dog not named Marley. And the new Friday the 13th series seems a stretch, as it's focused on a detective searching for his missing brother. 


Which of the shows have the closest connection to their source?

While Tremors is bringing original star Kevin Bacon back to reprise his role, other shows similarly have overlapping talent. Martin Scorsese is directing a prequel series to his movie Shutter Island. William Friedkin is directing a series adapted from his movie To Live and Die in L.A. Also Galaxy Quest director Dean Parisot and co-writer Robert Gordon are reuniting for a TV version.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are producing a show based on Hitch, which starred the former. And the TV spinoff of Limitless has already debuted with Bradley Cooper briefly reprising his role from the movie.


Which of these shows probably won't happen?

Some of the shows on the list have just begun or are about to debut soon, but others are in early stages of development. Of those, the ones we haven't heard enough about since their announcement a year or longer ago include HitchAmerican GigoloBachelor Party and Sin City. Of course, in their absence, we're sure to see many more movies announced for TV show adaptations. 




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