First Look at Final 'Hobbit' Movie, Plus Where to See That 'Star Trek' IMAX Footage

First Look at Final 'Hobbit' Movie, Plus Where to See That 'Star Trek' IMAX Footage

Dec 06, 2012

Hobbit there and back Legolas

We haven’t even gotten to the official release of the first movie in Peter Jackson’s upcoming The Hobbit trilogy, but we’ve already got still photos from the third installment, and it features a very familiar character.

EW scored an exclusive photo from the last film, entitled There and Back Again, and it features none other than Orlando Bloom as Elven archer Legolas. If you don’t remember Legolas being in Tolkien’s book, it’s because he wasn’t. Jackson’s taking some minor liberties with the story in order to tie it to his Lord of the Rings trilogy.

“He’s [elven king] Thranduil’s son, and Thranduil is one of the characters in The Hobbit, and because elves are immortal it makes sense Legolas would be part of the sequence in the Woodland Realm,” director Peter Jackson explains. Also pictured alongside him? Bard the Bowman, a minor character in the novel who’s getting more screentime in Jackson’s film.

Where to see Star Trek Into Darkness IMAX Footage

Speaking of The Hobbit, we’ve known that select IMAX theaters would be showing nine minutes of footage from J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek Into Darkness prior to Jackson’s new film – and now we’ve got a complete list of which theaters will be participating.

If you head here, you can select your state and find the closest theater to you. Abrams shot select sequences in the film with IMAX cameras, so this is probably the best way to see it on-screen so you get the full effect.

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