Fan Made: Classic Batman Villains Reimagined in Vintage Mug Shots

Fan Made: Classic Batman Villains Reimagined in Vintage Mug Shots

Apr 15, 2013

Batman Mr. Freeze mugshot

As much as I love the conveniences and technology of modern life (I can’t fathom living without Internet access and air conditioning…), I often find myself thinking it would have been pretty cool to live back in the early part of the 1900s. That’s probably just me romanticizing an era I know little about, but things seemed different back then. Even criminals dressed up when committing their misdeeds…

Apparently, artist Jason Mark feels a lot like I do – which is cool, but what’s even cooler is that he really digs Batman too. Mark put his talents to work last summer crafting this very cool series of Batman-themed mug shots inspired by period booking shots from Australia. The results are quite striking.

Titled “The Usual Suspects”, this series features stylish mugshots of some of the most dangerous members of Batman’s infamous Rogues Gallery. Each image shows off one of the Dark Knight’s adversaries as he’s booked for his latest misdeed. Naturally, an encounter with Batman has left them all looking a little worse for wear.

Mark's work does a really great job of reimagining these iconic villains and placing them in a different era – yet keeping them familiar enough that they’re instantly recognizable. I particularly like his work on the Joker, but Harvey Dent’s Two-Face is great too – the way his disfigured half is hinted at, yet kept just out of sight, really sells the image.

Swing by Mark’s page for more of the artist’s work.

[via Design Taxi]

Batman Joker mugshot

Batman Two-Face mugshot

Batman Penguin mugshot


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