Movie News: First Look at Dwayne Johnson in 'San Andreas'; New 'Godzilla' Movie Coming from Japan

Movie News: First Look at Dwayne Johnson in 'San Andreas'; New 'Godzilla' Movie Coming from Japan

Dec 08, 2014

San Andreas

San Andreas: Earthquake! In San Andreas, Dwayne Johnson stars as a helicopter pilot who happens to be in the air when the largest earthquake in history strikes Los Angeles, leveling the city and leaving our hero and his ex-wife (Carla Gugino) scrambling to get to San Francisco to save their daughter (Alexandra Daddario). The first photos only hint at the disaster to come; the movie will smash into theaters on May 29. [USA Today]

San Andreas


Godzilla: Final Wars

Godzilla: In the wake of the financial success of Gareth Edwards' Godzilla earlier this year, Toho Studios has decided it's time for a new "Japanese Godzilla." The company, which produced the original Godzilla in 1954, last touched the franchise in 2004's Godzilla: Final Wars (above). The film is scheduled for production in 2015, with a 2016 release date targeted; the next Hollywood Godzilla won't be out until 2018. [The Hollywood Reporter]


Star Trek Into Darkness

Star Trek 3: Reportedly, the next Star Trek movie is now in need of a director. Writer and producer Roberto Orci was set to make his directorial debut; it's not clear why he's no longer helming the project. Edgar Wright is rumored to be on a short list of possible replacements; the movie is scheduled for release in 2016, marking the 50th anniversary of the original TV show's debut. [Deadline]


Little Accidents

Little Accidents Trailer: Elizabeth Banks stars in the dramatic first trailer for Little Accidents. Set in a small town in West Virginia where a mining accident has scarred the residents, Banks plays the wife of a mining executive (Josh Lucas) who falls into a relationship with the accident's only survivor (Boyd Holbrook). The movie is due out next year. [MovieClips]




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