Don't Get Too Excited for a 'Sherlock' Movie Just Yet

Don't Get Too Excited for a 'Sherlock' Movie Just Yet

Jan 22, 2014

The tremendous (and tremendously popular) BBC show Sherlock wrapped up its third season this month, and so Entertainment Weekly decided to make the show this week's cover story. In doing so, it has inadvertently started a rumor (of sorts) that a big-screen version of the series may actually be in our future. Odds are, though, that this isn't the case. Let's look at what series mastermind Steven Moffat actually said that kickstarted this whole thing in the first place.

When asked if there'd ever be a big-screen version of the show, Moffat simply said "We don't rule anything out." That's hardly the "it's going to happen!" fervor some outlets have been reporting. And if you go back and actually read some of Moffat's other, longer thoughts on the matter, it becomes even more obvious that they really don't have any intentions of shifting to a big-screen model anytime soon.

Here's one from Den of Geek just a week ago:

Hopefully the BBC have given you some more money as it’s become more successful?

SM: Well you never have enough. But the upside of that is, yes you could take it to movies and in that case you’d get one every three years as opposed to three every two years – why is that better? There would have to be a pressing narrative reason to do a movie. We’re doing movies, we’re doing them on television. As I’m fond of saying with the Doctor Who special we did, The Day Of The Doctor, which we put in the cinemas, on that weekend it became number two at the American Box Office. That’s a TV program, number two at the American box office with limited distribution. So that’s television handing movie theater its own arse. I think they should come to us and beg!

It’s lovely seeing it on the big screen, it’s lovely having a huge, big television. It would just be the question ‘How does it make it better to go to the movie theater?’ and everyone knows that movie theater and television shows in terms of production quality are getting closer together, so how would we make it better if we put in on the big screen?

Now, that second part seems like the most likely scenario. That Doctor Who special did gangbusters as a special screening event around the U.S. It's very reasonable that they could set up something similar for future installments of Sherlock. That's not turning the show into a movie, though, it's simply playing the show on movie-theater screens. And if you're a fan that wants to see it that way, awesome. And if you want to keep watching it on PBS or on Blu-ray at home, that's awesome, too.

We're actually glad that it seems like Moffat and company aren't frothing at the mouth at the idea of cashing in and making the next Sherlock specifically as a movie just because stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are much, much bigger stars now than they were when the series started in 2010. Not everything needs to chase the big screen.





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